Whistleblower Channel

Whistleblower Channel is the mechanism, which RIU Hotels & Resorts, in accordance with its corporate ethical culture, makes available to all employees of group companies and third parties related to them, such as suppliers and contractors, customers, workers in training, institutions, etc... Therefore, they can communicate any information or concern confidentially and without fear of reprisals about irregular conduct or conduct contrary to our principles and values, as well as ask us questions about our internal regulations or our Compliance Policy and Code of Ethics.

This channel shall not be used for:

  1. To denounce falsely or deliberately, due to the fact that only denouncements in good faith are admitted.
  2. Reporting complaints or claims about RIU Hotels & Resorts services, to do so, we ask you to use the specific channel for complaints and claims managed by the After Travel department by sending an e-mail to the following address: [email protected].
  3. Communicate matters related to the rights associated with the management of your personal data, for this purpose, you can send your communications to [email protected].
  4. Reporting fraud beyond our company's control.
  5. Communicate a severe risk to the safety or health of people, if you witness such a situation, please call the emergency services for immediate management.
  6. Make any other type of inquiries not related to the purpose of this channel.

Access to the channel

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