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Have your wedding ceremony by the sea shore, within a totally romantic ambience, the Caribbean Style …

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Type of ceremony

Weddings by Riu celebrates three different types of ceremonies: Civil, Religious (Symbolic) & Renewal of vows.

  • Civil Ceremony: Performed by an official Judge, the couple receives a legal certificate. The ceremony last 20 to 25 minutes.
  • Importante:

    Civil weddings are legally recognized in the country where the wedding will be performed.
    As each country has specific requirements, we would recommend you to contact your
    respective Embassy or Consulate in order to get the complete information regarding the
    procedure that you have to follow in order to legalize your Marriage Certificate in your country.
    * Riu Hotels and Resorts is not responsible of this legal procedure.

    Ceremonies are booked according to time and place. The first wedding would be at 12:00pm and the latest time available for weddings would be at 6:00pm. Please note we cannot offer sooner or later ceremonies since the Judge or Minister does not perform at other times.

  • Symbolic Ceremonies & Renewal of vows: Ceremonies without any legal bearing, performed by a Non-Denominational Minister. These ceremonies last 20 to 25 minutes.


  • Locations: All of our resorts offer different locations to hold the wedding ceremony. At Riu Bachata you may choose from:
    • • Beach: Capacità massima 60 Persone  
    • • Cliff Gazebo : Capacità massima 50 Persone Please be advice that to perform weddings at the Cliff Gazebo (over looking the ocean) the Judge will charge extra $50 USD for clients staying at the Riu Bachata. However, couples staying at the Riu Merengue or the Riu Mambo will have to pay $80 USD. Fee subject to change without prior notice.
    • • Garden Gazebo: Capacità massima 60 Persone  

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