28 October, 2019

If you suspect any sexual exploitation of children in tourism, please report it immediately!

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Sexual exploitation is an insult and an assault on the dignity and fundamental rights of children. That’s why almost half (46% to be exact) of the projects that RIU undertakes in its CSR strategy are aimed at children. The fight to prevent and tackle the causes where children are exploited and victims of abuse in travel and tourism is for...

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25 October, 2019

Gran Canaria’s hidden charms

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Gran Canaria is one of our favourite destinations and we often show you places to visit if you travel there with RIU. We wanted to round off the map and teach you about three places with their own unique charm which you simply cannot miss out on if you choose this island for your next holiday. Take note!

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15 October, 2019

How should you experience Mallorca in November?

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With the colder weather upon us, it is time to take out our winter clothes and find alternative ways to spend our free time. This time we suggest you take a short break to Mallorca and discover everything its mountainous scenery has to offer you. In order to do just that, we will show you three essential trails to take if you come on holiday to this beautiful destination. You are going to absolutely love them!

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