Sri Lanka, a dream destination

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Sri Lanka

If you like to travel the world and discover extraordinary places, make sure to go to Sri Lanka. A magical place that more and more tourists are visiting year after year because of its tranquillity, culture, spectacular scenery… You’ll feel like you’re in another world. At RIU Hotels & Resorts, we’ve fallen in love with this destination, and so we’re opening our first hotel in this exotic land in this August.

The Emerald Isle of Asia

Paradisiacal palm-lined beaches

After reading this post, you’ll understand why this place fascinates us, and probably also end up making a reservation for a holiday in Sri Lanka. Its paradisiacal palm-lined beaches and lush forests make green the predominant colour on the island. It’s no coincidence that they call it the Emerald Isle of Asia, eh?

The culture and art, can be experienced in every corner of the island

If you want another convincing reason to visit this place, here you have one: its culture and art, influenced by different civilizations, can be experienced in every corner of the island. Here are some interesting facts: the traditional dance is called Sinhala, and it’s full of acrobatics and symbolism; days with a full moon are holidays; its architecture and painting are influenced by Buddhism; it has hundreds of amazing monuments, caves, and ruins of long-forgotten kingdoms. Did you know that Sri Lanka is the country with the most World Heritage sites in the world?



Ahungalla is the zone where we have our hotel, the perfect starting point for countless excursions and visits to great monuments: visit the Galapatha Raja Maha Vihar and Kanda Viharaya temples—in the latter, you’ll find the largest seated Buddha statue in the world; you don’t want to miss the excursion to Adams Peak or forget about the historic colonial city of Galle; if you like animals, spend a day touring the Udawalawe National Park by jeep and enjoy nature at its wildest.

Explore the sea floor

Want to see dolphins, tortoises, and whales? You’ll find many zones that are perfect for snorkelling and exploring the sea floor. When it comes to eating, remember that the national dish of Sri Lanka is rice with curry. They make it a very special way, as the curry contains cinnamon, chillies, saffron, ginger, and other spices that make it a very spicy dish. Wherever you go, order tea, it’s the favourite drink there.

Riu Sri Lanka

Don’t wait any longer and make a reservation for your holiday in this paradise. At RIU we’d love to have you stay with us, and we have a perfect 24-Hour All Included hotel for you: the Riu Sri Lanka. Go to our website and find out more about this hotel that’s about to open its doors for your enjoyment.


  • Dilra Tours

    Certainly, Wonderful Island to visit in your holidays. Sri Lanka, a place to experience many cultural as well as natural beauties(pristine beaches, wild life safaris, heritage sites and misty mountain tops). Have dream to visit Sri Lanka at least once in your lifetime.

  • Praveen

    Yeah…i really really agree with you. Sri Lanka is Definitely a dream destination for every type of people..because it satisfies the people in many aspects…Likes of honeymoon couples, adventure freaks, history lovers, nature lovers and etc.

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