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On the International Day of Families, RIU wants to dedicate a new post on its blog to the three non-governmental foundations with which it collaborates in Aruba and whose work with the families of the island is of utmost importance to the local community. Since 2016, RIU Hotels is their sponsor, collaborating in events, workshops and in the maintenance of the three NGOs.

The first one is FAMILY FIRST, a non-governmental organization in Aruba dedicated to helping families strengthen, restore and discover their identity, purpose and potential for a healthy, stable, successful and prosperous future. During 2017 there were 5 workshops related to parental education, the “conscious” discipline for children, budgeting and family economy, identity and power of women, as well as the 5th edition of the “Back to School” program that supports adults in their return to school. On the other hand, 126 families with 241 children, have received support and personal guidance from specialists, 24 families more than last year.

Another foundation that has the help of RIU Hotels is GUIA MI, also located in Aruba. This NGO supports and provides guidance to families in order to care for minors who are under supervision by some type of judicial decision. The foundation has the custody of children and / or adolescents when they are in danger, either due to the negligence of the families or due to some type of abuse that damages their integrity; a judge can appoint a social worker of the Guia Mi Foundation as guardian of the family. RIU Hotels collaborates with the sponsorship for events and maintenance of the organization itself.

During 2017, thanks to GUIA MI and this sponsorship 2 single mothers were financially supported, 21 children received material, uniforms and school fees were paid during the back to school campaign; 113 children and 42 adoptive parents received gifts on a Christmas special party and support was given to a mother that needed medical treatment for her baby in Columbia, United States. Also, a boy was reunited with his sister to England, 11 children and their families received food, passports, clothes and glasses. In total, 126 families with 241 children, have received support and personal guidance from specialists, 24 families more than last year.

RIU Hotels also collaborates with the association, PA NOS MUCHANAN, which offers guidance and advice to parents regarding the upbringing of their children; to child care centers about parenting or organizational aspects, to people who work in the field of education or who plan to open a child care center and to students who are preparing to work with children. RIU Hotels sponsors events, workshops and collaborates in the maintenance of the organization itself. Likewise, Pa Nos Muchanan collaborates with the ECPAT training for the RIU staff in Aruba.

During 2017 and with the collaboration of RIU Hotels, the following actions were taken:

  • 6 workshops focused on topics such as savings, language development in children, preparation for the arrival of the first child, help for parents with children with adaptation difficulties, workshop on emotional development in society, as well as music for children.
  • 4 courses based on the teaching of physical activities for children, first aid and safety for minors, communication and interpersonal relationships and a course to perceive the abnormal development in the youngest children.
  • Celebration of the 2017 Pedagogical Day with 161 participants.
  • Project “Awareness about the well-being of the child during Carnival” aimed at the public of Aruba through the media and televisión.

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