Discover the marine wonders of Isla Blanca in Costa Mujeres

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There are destinations that never cease to surprise us. Just when we think we’ve seen it all, we always find out it just isn’t so. Today we would like to invite you to come with us and discover a feast for the eyes: the beauty of the marine ecosystem that exists en route to Isla Blanca in Costa Mujeres. All this courtesy of the Isla Blanca Snorkel Tour organised by Scuba Caribe, with which our hotels work hand in hand.

If you are staying in any of our properties in Cancun or in the Riu Dunamar (soon to be accompanied by the Riu Palace Costa Mujeres), you will find the departure point of this tour is quite close by. The morning begins at Punta Cocos Marina Beach Club, where the ScubaCaribe expedition party will be waiting to set off to the beautiful lagoon of Chacmuchuc. The crystal clear water here allows you to see marine turtles speeding by. They are really fast!

The best part of the excursion is yet to come: snorkelling. This tour provides a veritable feast for the eyes with spectacular coral reefs bursting with life at the point where the lagoon joins the Caribbean Sea. Marine turtles, different types of coloured fish, rays, catsharks – there are so many of them belonging to such a wide variety of species that you won’t want to get out of the water.

But get out you must, in order to continue the tour heading for a beach of virgin white sand lapped by warm waters where flying fish will greet you with an amazing impromptu performance: you have arrived at Isla Blanca. This tour gives you enough time to enjoy this authentic paradise, whether submerged in the crystalline waters or lazing on the beautiful coastline.

The route back to the starting point is equally as awe-inspiring as the outbound journey. The only difference is that now you will have the images of an unforgettable experience emblazoned on your memory. We urge you to visit one of our hotels in Cancun or Costa Mujeres so that you can discover all that this tour has to offer. You will love it!

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