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Our customers are once again able to enjoy their holidays! As you know, many RIU hotels are already open and ready to welcome you after these difficult months.  We are really excited about being able to greet all those guests who visit us year after year and, of course, those who are staying with us for the first time. That’s why we’ve decided to learn about their experience first-hand and to tell you about it in this post so you can see that safety is perfectly compatible with having fun.

Riu Palace Meloneras

This hotel in Gran Canaria welcomed Zastrow and his wife from Germany in July. Although it is not the first time that they have stayed with RIU, this year was special due to the uncertainty provoked by the implementation of safety protocols and new rules. Even so, according to Zastrow, “everything here is totally safe”. He told us how happy he was that these safety measures had been introduced in a discreet and sensitive way. He also stressed that in his opinion, apart from a few minor details, everything remains the same. For us, the most important thing was to read that our customer service and support levels continue to be excellent.

Zastrow and his wife at the entrance to the Hotel Riu Palace Meloneras

Zastrow and his wife at the entrance to the Hotel Riu Palace Meloneras.

What we take from this is the fact they were able to fully enjoy the holiday they deserve!

Riu Costa del Sol

Heylens and Dhaeseleer, a married couple who have been visiting RIU hotels since 1987, spent their holiday at the Hotel Riu Costa del Sol in Torremolinos (Malaga). They tell us that they always come back because “a holiday with RIU represents guaranteed satisfaction” and what they like best is the heartfelt quality of service which remains constant despite the “new normal”. The most important thing for us is that they said they felt safe during their holiday, a factor that enabled them to enjoy their well-earned rest to the full.

Heylens and Dhaeseleer enjoying a drink at the Hotel Riu Costa del Sol

Heylens and Dhaeseleer enjoying a drink at the Hotel Riu Costa del Sol.

And naturally we hope they will continue to trust in the chain for many years to come.

Riu Playacar

Five families from Mexico and the United States who stayed at the Hotel Riu Playacar in Playa del Carmen agreed to share their experience with us. All of them agree about two things: safety and good customer service. The five families were first-timers with RIU and they were able to find out first-hand that family fun is guaranteed! Another thing they wanted to highlight was the attentiveness of the hotel staff and, a vital factor for any holiday, the sense of relaxation they felt throughout their entire stay in the hotel.

Riu Palace Costa Rica

Our last stop is in Costa Rica with James. He said he was rather anxious setting out on his journey as he didn’t know what situation he would find himself in and how safe his holiday would be. However, no sooner did he get to the hotel than all his nervousness disappeared and he felt totally safe! He was also able to see first-hand that all of the different areas were clearly indicated and that, amongst other measures, face masks were being used correctly . Ah! And he also made some very positive comments about the friendliness of the staff and the quality of the all-inclusive product.

James in front of the Hotel Riu Palace Costa Rica

James in front of the Hotel Riu Palace Costa Rica.

We were delighted to know that James was able to spend his holiday feeling relaxed and able to enjoy himself with no worries whatsoever!

We would like to thank all the guests who feature in today’s post for agreeing to give us feedback on their stay. As you know, we believe that your opinion, along with all those who visit us year after year, is a key factor in enabling us to provide you with the best possible service. If you are one of those who asks yourself if safety can be combined with enjoyment during a holiday we hope that this post, with testimonials from our guests, is able to demonstrate that holidays with RIU continue to be the same as always and that increased safety benefits both you and our employees. Go for it and come to see us!


  • Carole Dobson

    When Is Rui Yucatan in Cancun,Mexico due to open please

    • Riu Hotels

      Hi Carole!

      Thank you very much for your interest! At the moment we don’t have news about these two hotels. When we have new information about openings we will publish it on our website and social networks.

      Kind regards,
      RIU Hotels & Resorts

  • James Crawford

    My wife and I would love to stay in Riu Costa Del Sol in September as we usually do every year, We could not go last year as we had to renew the Roof of our house! However, we did manage to go to our favorite Riu Arecas , in Tenerife last February, we do not think we shall next February, as unfortunately the British Government has decreed we cannot to travel to Spain because of the Virus, we do not agree with this, but we have to listen to them, and our Travel Insurance would probably not cover us anyway. So we shall have to wait and see. We love the Hotel and Staff we are treated like family there!

    • Riu Hotels

      Hi James!

      We are very grateful for your kind words. We hope to see you very soon enjoying your holiday at the hotel Riu Costa del Sol.

      See you soon!

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