New Year’s Eve: a tradition celebrated in lots of different ways

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The beginning of the year is very important because it is when we all look to a new stage which we hope will bring us joy. It is so important that we choose well who we will be spending it with and where. This is why we are bombarded with messages every year from the whatsapp groups of family and friends trying to agree on a plan.

RIU shows you a number of different ways to celebrate New Year's Eve

We are bringing you a few ideas in case you still haven’t decided where to celebrate New Year’s Eve and if you fancy doing something different.

Begin the New Year under the fluttering New York confetti.

If you think that New York has lots of surprises on a daily basis, it is even more exciting on New Year’s Eve. Times Square dazzles more than usual and is thronged with people who vist in order to welcome in the New Year. New York is absolutely phenomenal on this evening! Everyone who visits watches how the famous ball in Times Square is raised at 6 pm until it drops at 11.59 pm. In the final second before it drops completely, confetti rains down on the square and everyone welcomes in the New Year.

Celebrate New Year's Eve under the confetti in Times Square

And best of all? Our Riu Plaza New York Times Square hotel is a mere stone’s throw away from this fantastic party atmosphere that will make the New Year’s celebrations truly special.

Dublin and it’s famous New Year’s Festival

The New Year’s Festival has become a deep-seated tradition. For two days the city streets are filled with street artists and magicians, the buildings are lit up, there are open-air concerts and so many more surprises in a party which makes the most of the last few days of the year.

Start the new year in Dublin with new friends in The Temple Bar

How can you celebrate the start of 2020 in Dublin? By going to the Liffey Lights Midnight Moment show, which the Irish put on to bid farewell to the year through a spectacular music and lights show, while they watch the countdown which heralds the new year projected on to Custom House.Afterwards you can always visit the Temple Bar and spend the evening making new friends who will welcome you with open arms! In order to enjoy this experience you can always stay at the Riu Plaza Gresham Dublin hotel.

Experience the New Year the Madrid way

Many of us know the familiar lines of the Mecano song that says “en la puerta del sol como el año que fue, otra vez el champagne, y las uvas y el alquitrán…” It perfectly describes the fantastic party held in Madrid in the Puerta del Sol and which deserves a thousand songs of its own.

Eat the traditional New Year's grapes in Puerta de Sol in Madrid with RIU

All those who decide to eat the traditional twelve grapes on New Year’s Eve to the sound of the chiming bells of the legendary Madrid clock do so accompanied by the warmth of the people that fill the square and with all of its fantastic atmosphere. You can now enjoy this wonderful experience by staying at the Riu Plaza España hotel which offers you the perfect location.Begin 2020 in Madrid!

If you have already made your plans for this year, worry not. Simply take note for next year! And if not, there’s still time to buy a ticket and take your family to celebrate New Year’s Eve in any of these three places where RIU will welcome you. Make this special night a real adventure!

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