This is what the Riu Caribe looked like before and after its renovation!

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The complete refurbishment of the Riu Caribe was one of our big projects for 2023. After several months of work renovating the common areas, restaurants and rooms, we want to show you images of what the Riu Caribe was like before and after. A picture is worth a thousand words!


This is the first major change that our clients will notice when they arrive. More natural light and a greater sense of openness are the key aspects of an area that now features a predominant use of soft colours, wood and vegetation, in contrast to the use of oranges prior to the refurbishment. An area that has also increased its functionality for guests and employees, with more space and comfort.

Lobby bar

The same is true of one of our guests’ favourite spots, the lobby bar, Frida, whose décor and colour scheme matches the rest of the space, making it an ideal place to have that refreshing drink once you arrive at the hotel.


Another major change our guests will undoubtedly appreciate is in the rooms. Soft, elegant tones have replaced the characteristic navy blue of the past, and more subdued lighting has been incorporated.


Maintaining the culinary variety characteristic of the Hotel Riu Caribe, the restaurants have also been completely renovated and have undergone a radical change in style. The main buffet is no longer in the classic black and white colours, but instead boasts soft, light tones, in addition to beautiful display cabinets that separate the buffet area from the tables for the guests.

Soft light tones also prevail in the Asian restaurant, which has gained in simplicity as well as comfort and functionality, thanks to simpler décor that at the same time is more representative of the theme.

In the Mexican food restaurant, vegetation is the highlight of both the artwork and the decoration. Dark colours have been abandoned in favour of lighter hues that will provide more and better lighting for the restaurant.

Swimming pools

Another of the major new features of the Riu Caribe renovation is that it has gone from having just one swimming pool to four. One of these has a swim-up bar, another is for children, and the other two are designed for the whole family to use and enjoy.

As we said, a picture is worth a thousand words. But there’s nothing quite like coming to Cancun, booking a room at the Hotel Riu Caribe and being able to see all these changes up close. What’s more, there is now a space for you to celebrate… your very own Riu Party!

We’ll be waiting for you!


  • Robert

    I really like the new look and would love to visit, been to RIU Vallarta 7 or 8 times RIU Dominican and 2 times RIU Cuba, not there anymore. , but after COVID my business crashed so I don’t see getting to visit, but would love to and may you always have success. Love Always.

    • Riu Hotels

      Dear Robert,

      Thank you for reaching us out.

      We hope to see you by our hotels very soon;)

      Kind regards,

      RIU Hotels & Resorts.

  • Diana

    Wow I was just there last October and am loving the new look! Definitely recommending my clients there !

  • Dave

    Is this the Costs Rican location

    • Riu Hotels

      Dear Dave,

      Thank you for reaching us out.

      Riu Caribe is located in Mexico.

      Our hotels in Costa Rica are Riu Guanacaste and Riu Palace Costa Rica.

      You will be able to find all the information about both hotels in the following link:

      Kind regards,

      RIU Hotels & Resorts.

  • Zoe

    Hey, we are wanting to book for 2nd October but just want to make sure that the RiuParty is open and on? that’s a big reason for us wanting to book there. Thanks

    • Riu Hotels

      Hi Zoe,

      Thank you for reaching us out and for your comment!

      We can confirm you that the Riu Party are already taking place in Riu Caribe;)

      Kind regards,

      RIU Hotels & Resorts.

  • Ruben Naranjo

    I went to RIU CARIBE 10 years in a row up until 2022, now I’m ready to start a new streak in 2023. cant wait to see how the remodeling came out. see you soon

    • Riu Hotels

      Hi Ruben,

      Thank you for your kind words:)

      We can’t wait to see you soon by our Riu Caribe;)

      Kind regards,

      RIU Hotels & Resorts.

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