RIU debuts new shows in its hotels!

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Hotel entertainment is one of the aspects that we take great care about at RIU. We know that this is the moment when you sit back, relax and let us help you unwind and have fun. Our entertainment team is very aware of this and that’s why each year we always try to surprise you with new shows. Today, in our mini Broadway, we are presenting three new shows that we have prepared for 2022. Don’t miss all the latest shows in our line-up!

1. “Around Africa”

This is an exclusive show for RIU hotels in Africa. So far it has premiered at the Riu Baobab hotel, but soon it will be performed in Cape Verde, and finally in Zanzibar. This show will immerse you in a unique experience in which you will be delighted by the dances and traditions of different parts of Africa.  During the performance and through dramatised choreographies, you will be taken on a very special tour of West African countries including Mali, Senegal, Gambia, Equatorial Guinea, Cape Verde, Zanzibar, Nigeria, Ivory Coast and Togo. And all this without leaving your seat!

The show is a unique performance in which folklore is mixed with traditional scenes as well as more modern and contemporary elements. A show full of colour, joy and meaning that will leave you amazed and will transport you to the most authentic Africa!

2. Airport 19

Another of the big stars this year is the show “Airport 19” which will be performed in some of our European hotels such as Riu Buenavista, Riu Gran Canaria, Riu Vistamar, Riu Papayas, Riu Paraiso Lanzarote, Riu Costa del Sol and Riu Chiclana.

This show is based on everyday humorous situations that take place in an airport between the workers and travellers. A thief in search of his loot is one of the main characters and the cause of situations and comical scenes that will catch out the travellers. The show covers the whole experience, from entering the airport to arriving at the destination, passing through the check-in counters and security checkpoints. In the meantime, all kinds of situations are depicted through musical numbers and funny skits.

During the show you are sure to identify with some of the moments that are being parodied. They may even have caused you stress or frustration during a trip. Now RIU adds a touch of humour and lets you laugh at them. Undoubtedly, a show that will help you unwind and relax with a little laughter therapy, the best anti-stress medicine of all.

3. “Rock is still alive”

Lastly, we will be presenting the show “Rock is still alive” which will premiere in October at the opening of the Riu Latino and Riu Palace Kukulkan hotels in Mexico.

What will the staging be like? The show will be presented as a live band concert accompanied by performers and dancers. The production has emerged to confirm, as its name suggests, that “Rock is still alive”. During the show, and after kicking off with the famous song “It’s the final countdown”, we take a journey through the important moments of rock, touching on themes that speak of love, death, falling down and getting back up, fame and success. Everything finishes with a happy ending and the confirmation that rock is still alive and will always be so. We all have a rocker in us!

These are the three premieres that RIU has prepared for this year, but there are many more shows! Behind all of them there is a great deal of work involving a team of choreographers, directors and dancers who pay attention to every detail. On opening day, the animation team feels the same nerves as people do in the musicals that debut in big theatres Now all we need is your applause.

Did you like our premieres? Maybe they will help you choose the RIU hotel where you will spend your next holiday. We are waiting for you!

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