Riu Dubai hotel launches its new and exclusive soft All Inclusive service

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Just a few months ago, RIU presented its first hotel in Dubai, opening its doors to a market that had been completely unfamiliar to the chain until now. That is why it is taking small steps to introduce itself to the local guests in Dubai and, for this reason, it is launching its new soft All Inclusive service. This product offers guests 24-hour All Inclusive access excluding the cost of the alcoholic beverages they will not be enjoying.

This new service, unprecedented at RIU, is an added bonus to the hotel’s offer in this particular destination, aimed at attracting local clientele. The goal is to provide both otions alongside one another, guaranteeing a complete service regardless of the holiday package you choose.

You still haven’t been to this beautiful hotel? In addition to this new offering, the hotel has many more amazing services and facilities. We would like to use this post to take you on a tour of this dream hotel. Don’t miss any details!

A luxury welcome in Dubai with RIU

You already know that at RIU we pay a lot of attention to detail. That’s how we know that the first impression is very important, when you arrive at a place and say “I’ve made the right choice”. In Dubai we have adhered strictly to this philosophy and, as soon as you enter, you step into a spectacular lobby! This wonderful, luxurious and light-filled space overlooking the sea will help you switch off from your routine and immediately connect with the destination.

Rooms with sea views

The hotel has a total of 800 rooms, 739 of which overlook the beautiful waters of the Persian Gulf. All the rooms are fully equipped and you will want for nothing during your stay. The decoration of the rooms fits perfectly with the paradise in which this marvellous hotel is located. The cosy pastel tones provide the ideal atmosphere for you to relax and unwind.

Dubai’s culinary delights

As you know, if there is one thing that characterises RIU, it is the wide range of culinary offerings present in all its hotels. The Riu Dubai could be no exception. You can enjoy the varied offerings from the buffet in the main restaurant and the delights of the Asian restaurant. The best part is that there are two poolside restaurants to choose from. One of these, The Palm, lets you enjoy fabulous Italian cuisine and the other, The Moon, offers Lebanese delicacies.

In addition, thanks to the exclusive 24-hour All Inclusive service, you can enjoy unlimited use of the six bars located in different areas of the hotel.

Splash Water World

One of the best things about this resort is its Splash Water World, which guarantees fun for the whole family. It is an environment that has been created so both children and adults can together enjoy the water slides and games in this area of the hotel. Bring out your inner child!

Entertainment for the whole family in Dubai

In addition to the Splash Water World, the hotel promises entertainment for the whole family thanks to its wide range of activities for all ages. You can enjoy the renowned RiuFit programme in an unrivalled setting, go paddle surfing or kayaking, all on the beautiful beaches of Deira Islands. You’ll have plenty of amazing experiences to boast about when you get home! You can also develop your artistic side in our Riu Art workshop, and in the evenings the hotel runs live performances for you to discover.

Kids can join the RiuLand Club where they will be able to make new friends and play with Calú.

If you want a unique experience in a magazine-worthy setting, the Riu Dubai hotel is the place for you! This spectacular 4-star resort is waiting to make your holiday in Dubai one you will never forget.

Let’s keep adding destinations together!

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