Nader Ghosheh, the manager of Hotel Riu Dubai: “There is a new adventure every day in Dubai, there is always something going on”

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The RIU Group comes ever closer to welcoming the first guests at the grand opening of this hotel in 2020: Hotel Riu Dubai. And in only a few days this hotel opens its doors. One thing is certain, the finishing touches are being added so that our guests don’t want for anything!

No doubt you have heard about this incredible destination many times but this time we have Nader Ghosheh, the manager of the new Hotel Riu Dubai who can best describe it to you. Nader has been with the RIU Group for many years and knows how to implement perfectly the standards of customer service and product quality for which we are known. For this reason, and because RIU has chosen him to spearhead this new adventure, we wanted to to give him this experience of giving you a first-hand account of describing your holiday in this dream destination.

Nader Ghosheh, manager of Hotel Riu Dubai.

Nader Ghosheh, manager of Hotel Riu Dubai.

First of all, you have been with the RIU chain for years, what does it mean for the Group to open a hotel in Dubai

For me personally, opening a hotel in Dubai is a new challenge. I started work with the RIU chain in Spain where the staff were already familiar with the RIU philosophy which was well-established in all the hotels. I later transferred to Morocco where I had to implement this ethos in a country with a totally different culture and we had to ensure that the company values were embedded among the staff. It’s the same in Dubai, a new destination, a different language where the staff comprises some 30 different nationalities. This in itself presents a challenge as we need to ensure that everyone, regardless of their culture or inclination, applies our RIU philosophy in unison. This challenge makes the project more interesting and enjoyable.

In addition, we have a great advantage in that the country is highly developed, especially in the tourism sector. Here with everything so established, our job is to carve out a space for ourselves. For this reason, the chain and specifically the hotel team, meet this new challenge cheerfully and with great enthusiasm. I feel privileged that the company has entrusted me with this venture which is so important to all of us.

What do you think is the most beautiful sight in Dubai? What is daily life like in the city?

I have only been in Dubai for two months. The funny thing is that, even though I have only been here for a short time, I can tell you that one of the best things about this destination is the amount of things to do. You have the sun and the beach, shopping, beautiful places in which to stroll and more. The other day my wife and I were saying that we wouldn’t have time to see everything this place has to offer.

I can tell you that every day in Dubai is a different adventure, there is always something going on, it’s a very active destination. Best of all there are no constraints on time and space. You can go out at twelve or one or whenever you like because you can always find something to do. Another thing I am passionate about in this incredible city is the wide range of restaurants: Chinese, Cantonese, Mandarin, Italian, Japonese…anything you could want!

The destination is known to many as a business hub, yet it has some great attractions. As manager of this hotel, we’d like you to tell our future clients why they should visit Dubai. What does Dubai have for tourists?

There is lots to do in Dubai. As I said, it has everything. But it is also the perfect destination for those who love the beach and water sports. If I had to plan my holiday in a place like Dubai, I would spend three days enjoying the beach and the sun. As well as relaxing at the Riu Dubai and enjoying its many amenities and activities. Then I would visit all the places of interest and shopping malls such as Burj Khalifa, an emblem of this city as well as being the world’s tallest building.

You can also go to the Dubai Mall, which is the largest mall in the world. Another of the must-see sights is the Marina and Jumeirah Beach Residence. These are the parts of the city which cater mainly for tourists and here you can enjoy a variety of attractions such as the promenade (which stretches over 7km) and the beaches. Our more daring visitors can do a parachute jump and enjoy the sight of the Palm Jumeirah from above.  What is certain is that you will feel that there is not enough time to get the most from this incredible destination and all its charms in just one week, but you can always come back!

Why Dubai and not somewhere else

Dubai has the perfect mix of all those things we talked about. As it is not a very large destination it enjoys superb transport links – you can travel by car, metro or taxi. Getting around here is straightforward and you can easily visit all the places of interest. I’d also like to point out that Dubai is crossed by a stretch of water on which you can take a lovely boat trip. You can also visit Deira, the old part of the city, where you will witness with your own eyes the great transformation the city has undergone in recent years and especially the contrasts which define it. And it’s all really close to Hotel Riu Dubai!

There is no language barrier in Dubai as everyone here speaks English. This goes hand in hand with the local people who are especially friendly and helpful. Frankly they are lovely and give their very best. Ultimately, most have moved here for work and they all have the same objective: that you are comfortable and feel at home.

What for you is Dubai’s unmissable landmark or experience?

Without a doubt the most impressive experience is crossing the city and touring around it by gondola, as though you were in Venice. This tour is usually done in some old vessels which visit various points of interest such as the old souk which I spoke about at the start. It is an unusual way to discover this marvellous destination full of tall, modern buildings and beautiful old parts which retain the essence of the Dubai of old.

During the summer months you can visit the international market which is a sort of Expo in which many countries are represented and sell their distinctive produce. This market is held from 1st October to 1st April and there will be around 180 stands. It’s great because you can sample food and drink from all over the world – for me that’s terrific!

Almost all destinations have a time of year when it is best to visit. Tell us, when is the best time to visit Dubai? How so?

For me, the best time of year to visit Dubai is in winter, from the end of September through to May. During this period the climate is especially pleasant. For example, right now the temperature is around 35/36 degrees. There is no need to wear a sweater even after the sun goes down as it never gets cold.  

With the current situation, many are wondering if Dubai is a safe destination

That is an interesting question because one of the things which most surprised me about Dubai is how safe it is. If you walk through the streets you don’t see a police presence and this makes you feel safe, even though it might suggest the opposite. You don’t need to see the police because nothing ever happens here and you know you are safe. People are respectful in Dubai – drivers stop at zebra crossings and, amazingly, if you left your mobile phone on a bench, you could come back later and it would still be there. Therefore I can say that it is very safe and this is very important because feeling safe in a destination is essential when it comes to choosing where to spend your holiday and here you can be assured that rules are respected in all parts of the city.  

Furthermore, for our customers’ peace of mind, the pandemic situation is calm – for example, weddings and concerts are already allowed. Here they are following the latest guidelines. That is to say that they are leaders in public health policy

How are holidays in Dubai for children? What do you recommend to customers taking family holidays

What I recommend is that they fully enjoy the amenities and entertainment for all the family at Hotel Riu Dubai. For example, the hotel’s water park has slides and features which the whole family can enjoy. In addition, one of the features is the huge platform (some 50 metres) that will be located above the sea for the whole family to jump off or play on.

When they make the most of their stay at the Riu Dubai, they will discover children’s activities. They are very aware here of the importance of family travel so they won’t be short of ways to enjoy themselves.

Has our manager convinced you? As you can see, the short time he has been in Dubai has been enough for him the discover its magic. He says he doesn’t know if he will have time to see everything but we hope so – that would mean he stays at the helm of this wonderful project. And we are looking forward to seeing you come into the lobby with your suitcases and a big smile. We’ll be waiting for you!


  • Marc Crokaerts & Monique Coenen

    Congratulations, Sr. Nader Ghosheh. Both my wife and I keep good memories of our stays at the Riu Palace Agadir. We wish you and your family all the best.

  • Tom Findlay

    Hello, thank you for a very informative article and update of the Hotel Riu Dubai, looking forward to staying there in May 2021 kind regards Tom Findlay

    • Riu Hotels

      Hi Tom!

      Thanks for leaving us your comment!

      We look forward to welcoming you to our hotel Riu Dubai!

      We’ll see you in May!

  • Tom Gerrard

    Looking forward to our visit in January, travel restrictions permitting to celebrate my 60th birthday. Regards. Tom Gerrard.

  • Berrebi Simon

    Félicitations Mr Nader Ghosheh
    Je vous ai toujours suivi depuis plusieurs années au tikida palace à Agadir et toujours satisfait par votre amabilité.
    Je suis l’ami de Mme Samira qui venait vous saluer à chaque fois qu’on se rencontrait. Vous allez me manquer à Agadir mais possible que je vienne vous voir à Dubai. Encore félicitations et à bientôt j’espère

  • Albert Scholz

    I would like to get in contact personally with you to speak about an arrangement for celebrating our 50 anniversary of marriage at december 24 till Januari 8 with 7 persons. In 3 rooms. Tourperator tui and callcentre from riu in the Netherlands cannot give my any information before april. I just want to be sure that the rooms will be available for us then.
    So please give my an direct mailcontact to Riu Dubai Hotel

    • Riu Hotels

      Hi Albert!

      Thank you very much for choosing us for this special date! You can contact the hotel by calling +971 4 231 0999.

      Best regards,
      RIU Hotels & Resorts

  • Albert Scholz

    i would like to get in contact about my stay in December 2021 but cannot get in touch with the hotel directly . So please answer me at my email adres . I asked this already before but no answer

  • David Ferry

    I have stayed at RIU hotels in Jamaica and Cape Verdi, and found them to be a perfect place to spend my annual holiday with lots of activities and top class entertainment from excellent teams. I look forward to visiting the RIU Dubai in the future once this pandemic is over.

    • Riu Hotels

      Hi David!

      Thank you for sharing your experience with us! We look forward to welcoming you in Dubai and to welcoming you to our new hotel.

      We look forward to welcoming you!

  • Shadi Sharawi

    Congratulations Mr. Nader Ghosheh. I really appreciate his welcoming to us with big smile in his face for our stay last week. He surprised me and my wife with cake, arabic sweet and Martini drink with his signature in his business card. We were celebrating our anniversary. His staff are very kind as well. He is a leader and symbol of success. I wish him all the luck in his career future.

  • Gurd malda

    What a wonderful article. Looking forward to our stay in March.

  • Mark

    We are coming soon can not wait

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