Still don’t know what Mexico’s Posadas are?

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At RIU, we love celebrations, but what we really like is for you to be there. Today we’re going to tell you about the famous Mexico’s Posadas. If you still don’t know what these celebrations are, don’t miss this post: Las Posadas, popular festivals held in various parts of Latin America.


From 16 to 24 December, Las Posadas are celebrated in Mexico; these are festivals that commemorate the journey of Mary and Joseph from Nazareth to Bethlehem. This is when they search for lodging and await the birth of the baby Jesus.


And, as in all festivals, there are a series of traditions and celebrations that go along with Las Posadas. In this case, the piñata is the traditional element used, and it’s filled with candy and fruit. It’s a hand-crafted object made of clay and paper. The piñata has the form of a seven-pointed star, and each point represents a cardinal sin. In the olden days, people used to come together for a procession, holding candles and singing Christmas carols, to the house where they would ask for shelter. Once inside the house, they would all sing “Entren Santos Peregrinos”. Then they would recite the Rosary and break open the piñata.


Over the years, some parts of these customs have fallen by the wayside. What hasn’t been lost are the get-togethers between friends and co-workers. That’s why people come together and enjoy dinners and parties during this period. Would you like to experience Las Posadas in the place where it all started? Organise an unforgettable holiday in Mexico; don’t think twice, go to RIU Hotels & Resorts.

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