RIU Hotels is now in the metaverse

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The Hotel Riu Plaza España has just become the first hotel in Spain to open in the metaverse! With this groundbreaking project, the hotel chain becomes one of the first to explore the opportunities this new technology has to offer. And it does so in a very attractive way. Have you ever experienced the sensation of vertigo when crossing its glass walkway or looking out onto its balcony suspended 100 meters above the ground?  Well, now you can, wherever you are, thanks to virtual reality. Want to learn more?

Perhaps many of you are wondering what the metaverse is ?

At RIU, we have no doubt whatsoever that the metaverse is an emerging tool with great potential, one destined to become the future digital presence of brands and people. The metaverse is an evolution of today’s internet, Internet 3.0, with the special quality that it’s immersive and not just a window display. There is still a long road ahead before the enormous growth and democratization of this technology can take place, as was the case at the time with the World Wide Web and social networks. With this philosophy in mind, RIU has established its presence in the metaverse with this iconic hotel in Madrid.

When will the Riu Plaza España be in the metaverse?

You don’t have to wait to visit the Riu Plaza España hotel in the metaverse because it’s already open! In fact, from home, with your computer, with your mobile phone or, if you have them, with virtual reality glasses, you can enter altvr.com , download the application, search for the hotel with the code NTM491 and enjoy the immersive experience of the virtual Riu Plaza España. This is something you don’t want to miss!

What can you do at the Hotel Riu Plaza España in the metaverse?

Once inside AltSpace, you can visit different areas of the hotel, admire the décor and heritage features of spaces such as the lobby, or go up to the rooftop and experience the dizzying sensation of vertigo as you look out onto the glass balcony and cross the suspended walkway over 100 meters high, virtually, of course. But there’s nothing wrong with having a little fun. In the hotel, you’ll find things you can pick up, open and click on, as well as surprises to interact with. There’s even a hidden prize for first-time visitors.

For this project, RIU has worked alongside La Agencia Encubierta, pioneers in the metaverse and experts with a long history in digital marketing. With their help, the virtual version of the recently opened Hotel Riu Plaza España includes new construction features never seen before, as well as actual elements that interact with guests in the virtual environment. Want to say hello to our receptionist or make a reservation? You can in person and in the metaverse because Michael has volunteered to offer his gracious services both in this world and in virtual reality.

What is the most impressive thing about the Hotel Riu Plaza España in the metaverse?

As in real life, the breathtaking views of Madrid. With the advantage of now being able to enjoy them whenever you want and from wherever you are. Indeed, the actual images of Madrid that can be seen from the Rooftop 360º terrace, or details meticulously recreated from the renovation plans of this emblematic Madrid building, are the most remarkable and successful features of the construction of this hotel, making it the only one of its kind in the metaverse.

Now you have no excuse not to visit this amazing hotel. We’ll be waiting for you!

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