Where should you travel this summer with RIU?

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We have the ideal destination for your summer vacation!  If you want to relax and forget your worries, the island of Sal is the place for you! Located in Cape Verde, it boasts dreamlike beaches and landscapes. Its people, climate and environment will pamper you on your days off, making you feel like you are on cloud nine.

Palmeira, Sal

Palmeira, Sal.

What to see on Sal?

This is a place with endless possibilities thanks to its wonderful surroundings. We tell you all about them!

Quad biking in Serra Negra

If you like that rush of adrenaline, we recommend a quad trip to Serra Negra. This is a peak located in the south-eastern part of the island, a unique spot that is part of a nature reserve. An experience to remember for the rest of your life!

Quad biking in Serra Negra, Sal

Quad biking in Serra Negra, Sal.

Shark Bay

For yet another adrenaline-charged thrill, you should head over to Shark Bay. Here you can get up close and personal with sharks! But don’t worry, they are a harmless species that come close to shore and you can interact with them. Isn’t it exciting?

Shark Bay, Sal

Shark Bay, Sal.


One of the must-see places is undoubtedly Palmeira. This charming town is crucial for the destination because it is home to the island’s main port. If you go down to the quay you can watch the boats arriving with their cargos and observe the daily life of the locals who come to buy their goods from the stalls located on the quayside. But you can also lose yourself in the streets and wander into the town where the friendly locals will make you feel right at home.

Traditional music and dance in Palmeira, Sal

Traditional music and dance in Palmeira, Sal.

From here you can also step aboard a catamaran and sail across the beautiful waters of Cape Verde while enjoying a pleasant day out with your fellow travellers.

Catamaran experience in the waters of Cape Verde from Palmeira

Catamaran experience in the waters of Cape Verde from Palmeira.

Pedra Lume

Pedra Lume is an old mining village. Here you can visit the areas where salt used to be extracted. It is located in a volcanic crater where you can marvel at the views of a landscape full of history.

Pedra Lume, an old mining town on Sal

Pedra Lume, an old mining town on Sal.

Santa Maria

This charming town is one of the country’s main tourist attractions. Its colours and heavenly aromas will instantly seduce you. Here you can spend a day of leisure, shopping for souvenirs in the typical businesses in the area and tasting the wonders of its cuisine. We also recommend that you come here in the evening, to sip a delicious cocktail overlooking the white sandy beach to the rhythm of Cape Verdean music!

Santa Maria, Sal

Santa Maria, Sal.


One of the natural wonders of this destination is Buracona. It is a spectacular natural pool in which you can take a refreshing dip. But this place also hides a magical secret known as the blue eye, an impressive cave some 18 metres deep. Why is it so special? When the sun’s rays reflect on its waters, they turn them a beautiful turquoise colour.

Natural pool located in Buracona

Natural pool located in Buracona.

Water sports

We cannot finish the list of must-sees without mentioning the options this island has to offer for water sports lovers.  The island of Sal is surrounded by idyllic beaches that are ideal for water sports.

The RIU hotels in Boavista have a wide range of water sports on offer

The RIU hotels in Boavista have a wide range of water sports on offer.

As you can see, this place has it all. The combination of the environment, people and customs transmit a sense of peace and calm, but above all happiness. Let yourself be carried away by the essence of Cape Verde!

Where to stay on Sal?

If we have convinced you, the next step is to choose the hotel that best suits you. RIU has three hotels on Sal where you will find everything you need:

Riu Palace Santa Maria
Riu Cabo Verde
Riu Funana

Don’t wait any longer! This spectacular destination is eager to welcome you and show you all its charm.

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