Did you know what they dance in…?

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Put on your best clothes and get ready to dance, because in this post we’re getting more dance-crazy than ever. Today you’re going to discover what people dance at the destinations where we have RIU hotels.


The most popular and best known folkloric dance in Spain is, without question, Sevillanas. This is a vocal and dance genre that has its origins in Seville, Huelva and other provinces in Andalusia. Did you know that it is the most-danced regional style in Spain and abroad? There are numerous schools all over the world that teach people how to dance Sevillanas.


We turn now to Jamaica, a place where the locals move to the beat of reggae, a combination of many rhythms, including ones from traditional Jamaican, blues and New Orleans music. A musical style with a long history, it was popularised in 1966 by Bob Marley, who made dancing to it a sensation in one year.


But if you really want to move your body, try salsa. When people hear the music and see the steps of this famous dance style, no one questions that its origin is Caribbean. It’s a very catchy, rhythmic and, above all, joyful type of music, so it’s no surprise that each country has wanted to create its own style. There are currently various styles, like Puerto Rican, mambo, Cuban, Venezuelan, among others.


In recent years, bachata has become fashionable and attracted a great many fans. Its origins can be found in the Dominican Republic, and it is a mixture of two styles: Cuban style and merengue. It has become very popular in the rest of the world in recently, but in reality, people started dancing bachata in the 1960s. And after reading this post, which dance is more your style?

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