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RIU began its journey in Cape Verde in 2005 with the opening of the Riu Funana hotel (now Riu Cabo Verde) on the island of Sal. Did you know that we were pioneers in this country? Well, yes, we were! The truth is that we were one of the first international hotel companies to commit to Cape Verde, which up to that moment was not the popular tourist destination it is today. Its special charm made us predict that it would have the success it deserves, and we were right! Since then, our presence in this paradise has grown and today we have a total of six hotels in the country, spread between Sal Island and Boa Vista Island.

Riu Palace Santa Maria

Riu Palace Santa Maria

November will see the complete reactivation of the RIU hotel portfolio in Cape Verde

Just as in all the destinations where RIU operates, the country was affected by the pandemic and we had to close all six of our hotels. Little by little we have been able to resume operations and today four of our hotels are open, but the good news is not over and on 26 October the Riu Cabo Verde located on Sal Island will reopen, followed by the Riu Touareg hotel on 6 November, thereby completing the reactivation of our business in the destination. This, together with the fact that several international locations are once again flying to the islands of Boa Vista and Sal, is wonderful news for the people of Cape Verde and the destination in general, which is beginning to feel a sense of normality.

Riu Touareg

Riu Touareg

Cape Verde is one of those magical places that touches everyone who visits it and steals their hearts. If you are thinking of a getaway where you can enjoy some peace and quiet, this is the destination for you! But wait, before you pack your bags, we’ll answer some of the questions you’ve probably got.

What is the best time of year to travel to Cape Verde?

Normally before travelling to any destination the first thing we think about is what will the weather be like? This is essential when it comes to knowing which clothes to pack and whether it is the right spot for your days off. On this occasion, you don’t have to worry! Cape Verde has a tropical climate that makes it the ideal destination to travel to at any time of the year. If you’re looking to escape the cooler temperatures, it’s the perfect choice!

Where can I go in Cape Verde?

Riu Cabo Verde

Riu Cabo Verde

Apart from the actual place and its surroundings, the most important thing when travelling is to choose the accommodation for your days off. Ideally, it should have all the comforts you are looking for and be the perfect location for getting to know the destination. If you are looking for a hotel for your stay in Cape Verde, we can help you, as RIU has a total of six hotels:

  1. Sal Island:

Riu Cabo Verde

Riu Funana

Riu Palace Santa Maria

  1. Boa Vista Island:

Riu Palace Boavista

Riu Touareg

Riu Karamboa

These six hotels offer you all the comforts you need whether you are travelling with your partner, friends or family, offering you everything RIU has to offer in Cape Verde and being sure to satisfy your interests. Choose the option that best suits your trip and enjoy an unforgettable experience with RIU in facilities worthy of the spectacular surroundings in which they are located.

Riu Karamboa

Riu Karamboa

What to visit in Cape Verde?

Famous for its unique arid landscape, you will also be surprised to find that it is surrounded by spectacular endless beaches where you can take long walks on the fine sand. You can enjoy this experience whether you stay in Sal or Boa Vista, as all the hotels have a privileged beachfront location. It is also the ideal place for diving enthusiasts who can discover the amazing underwater world.

But do you know what the best thing about Cape Verde is? Its people: the Cape Verdeans. One of the things that will impress and charm you the most is their culture and their friendly and welcoming character. As soon as you get off the plane you will feel their warmth, making you feel part of the Cape Verdean family.

We don’t want to give you any more spoilers about what it’s like to experience Cape Verde. The best thing to do is to come and visit and become the star of your own dream holiday. We’ll make sure everything is ready for your arrival and that the only thing you have to worry about is enjoying yourself.



    An excellent destination for a winter holiday, the Island of Sal was an really good place to visit

  • george romanes

    The Riu Palace on Sal Island was a great resort, good food and great variety on a beach setting, a great place to visit. The staff worked to make it a great holiday. We will be back at Cape Verde with RIU hotels, Maybe try Boa Vista Island the next time !

    • Riu Hotels

      Hi George!

      ¡Thank you very much for sharing you experience with us! We look forward to seeing you soon.

      Kind regards,
      RIU Hotels & Resorts

  • Leonide santos Dany

    Riu melhor empresa de hotelaria em Cabo Verde

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