Once upon a dream: A show where the children are the main stars!

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Are you looking for a hotel for your next family holiday? Our ClubHotels are the place for you. We take special care in keeping the children entertained whilst the adults enjoy a break. At ClubHotel Riu Oliva Beach Resort we have recently found a way of combining both in only one activity: the new show “Once upon a dream”

The new show “Once upon a dream”

At RIU Hotels and Resorts, we want to make your holidays all about you. And what can make your children feel more special than being part of the hotel’s newest show?

The children, together with the animation team, work for two days in order to present their performance to the adults. This play can include up to 60 children from the age of four to eleven.

The new show “Once upon a dream”

After a nice day full of adventures, Calú, our entertainment team’s mascot, goes to bed. The storyteller trickles some magic powder in his eyes for wonderful dreams. Calú sleeps very peacefully that night and he enters an imaginary world. In his dreams he starts to set off for mountains and valleys, flowery meadow and forests. From this moment on Calú finds himself in a fantasy world with colourful flowers, fish and shellfish in the sea, snowballs and snowflakes in an icecap and firebirds and a dragon in a land of fire.

The new show “Once upon a dream”

The stage design is simple and changes with minimal effort. Calú wakes up and realizes that the adventure was just a wonderful dream. To finalise the show, all participating children are on the stage for the applause order and a big Party with Calú.

The new show “Once upon a dream”

We are looking forward to bring this new show in all our Riu ClubHotels in Spain, Cape Verde and Portugal.

And to let this magic happen we really need our little stars, which are your children!

So join us this summer and be a part of “Once upon a dream”!


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