RIU has prepared 5 ‘must-do’ activities in Punta Cana!

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Imagine your next trip amongst coconut and palm trees on a white sandy beach lapped by turquoise waters just like those in Punta Cana. This is the idyllic destination we are going to tell you about in this post. It is a jewel of nature located in the Dominican Republic, home to the best beaches in the world and somewhere you don’t have to worry about the weather when you plan your trip. It has an ideal climate.

What hotels are there in Punta Cana?

RIU Hotels & Resorts have six hotels offering a 24-hour all-inclusive service in this paradise of relaxation and fun:

  • Riu Palace Bavaro
  • Riu Bambu
  • Riu Palace Punta Cana
  • Riu Naiboa
  • Riu Palace Macao
  • Riu Republica

With their beachfront locations, these hotels provide a multitude of facilities that are bound to make your holiday a genuine adventure. You certainly won’t be bored! Visit our website and choose the one that best suits your needs.

Five things to do in Punta Cana with RIU

1.       Splash Water World

This is a water park you have access to if you are staying in any of the RIU hotels located in Punta Cana.  There are numerous activities available in this space, all designed to ensure that children and adults alike have a great time during their holiday. There is something for everybody among the attractions. We suggest you spend a full day in this fun environment where you will find a total of six swimming pools and the following attractions:

  • Open body slide
  • Body Bowl
  • Aquatubo
  • Kamikaze
  • Aguaracer
  • Stuka

Splash Water World is a fun destination for young and old alike

To take advantage of Splash’s attractions, the minimum height is 1.20 m.

2.       Scuba diving, windsurfing and kayaking

Would you like to explore the ocean bed? Another characteristic of the RIU hotels in the Dominican Republic is their enthusiasm for scuba diving. Among their activities, the hotels offer scuba diving initiation classes free of charge after which there is an additional charge to go diving. Snorkelling equipment is also included free of charge as another activity possibility.

Discover the marine life species of Punta Cana with RIU

During your time with us you will discover the beautiful ocean bed full of coral and the myriad tropical fish typical of Caribbean waters. You are sure to be amazed.

You will also be able to enjoy other water-based activities such as windsurfing and kayaking, sports that add the spice of adventure to your stay with us. How can you refuse?

3.       Riu Pool Party

You still don’t know what these are? They are extravagant themed pool parties full of music, performance and spectacle. Anyone staying in any of our hotels qualifies to go to the renowned Riu Pool Parties for which we have created a customised set-up in a separate area. The parties are based on a number of different themes that change according to the day of the week


Las Riu Pool The Riu Pool Parties will take your enjoyment to new levels in RIU hotelsharán que disfrutes como nunca en los hoteles RIU

They last for approximately two to three hours, a time during which you are bound to have a great time in that each theme creates a completely different atmosphere. You won’t get tired of them even if you go to every one! Take full advantage of this opportunity because there are very few destinations that benefit from the Riu Pool Parties where local and international DJs will have you blissfully dancing the night away in this unique venue.

4.       Cuisine

Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten your stomach! We know you take great care of it which is why we are going to recommend restaurants in some of our hotels where you are sure to enjoy delicious delicacies.

At the hotel Riu Bambu you can enjoy a sumptuous meal at Kulinarium with a menu featuring gourmet ingredients. The main dining rooms of all our hotels offer a wide range of tasty dishes thanks to the buffet which includes some of the region’s speciality dishes.

You will enjoy fine dining in RIU hotels’ Restaurant Kulinarium

Finally, for those staying in one of our Palace category properties, such as the Riu Palace Punta Cana, we recommend our Krystal restaurant serving tasty fusion cuisine which leaves nobody indifferent.

This is just a small selection of all the options available in our various properties. You can be sure of enjoying a wide choice of varied menus if you stay with RIU, but there is so much more awaiting you!

5.       Night life

Taking advantage of the sun’s rays is a must in this destination, but let’s not forget that you are on holiday and don’t have to get up early!

RIU provides the chance to go to various shows with live music, performances and entertainment created specifically for you to have a great time every day of your stay.

If you start to really get into party mode then why not visit the nightclub located just a few metres away from the hotels? Entrance is free for RIU guests. Why not experience what an authentic Dominican Republic party is like?!

All of the RIU hotels in Punta Cana put on extravagant shows at night Entrance to the Pacha nightclub from the RIU hotels in Punta Cana

This post on five things to do in Punta Cana with RIU has come to a close. How did you like our suggestions? As you can see, our hotels can offer everything you need to visit Punta Cana and take a well-deserved break. We hope to see you enjoying all these activities very soon and that we are able to bring out your most adventurous side. Everything is ready – all we are missing is you!


  • Wendy

    Hi, I need to give some information about an experience while staying at the Riu Palace Bavaro. I do not know where or how to do that. My email is listed here and my Riu Class # is 91879861, which should also give you my contact information. If someone could please reach out to me with a contact email and/or number I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you in advance.

  • Sandra Jaramillo


    I have a reservation with my family & friends from 7/30 – 8/6 and very concerned about all the deaths currently occurring in your country.

    We are a group of 20 & have about 10-11 rooms already reserved & would like to know what is being done within our hotel (Riu Palace Punta Cana) to keep us safe & prevent an incident like the ones occurring from happening in our resort or to us.

    While I understand that nothing is 100% proof & things can happen I’d like to know if the hotel is taking precautions.

    Like are the minibars being checked? Is there extra security? Is the food being watched more carefully? This is all very scary.

    Thank you,

    • Riu Hotels

      Good afternoon Sandra,

      Concerning your question, in relation to the information appearing on the possible cases of intoxication at the hotel Riu Palace Macao in Punta Cana, RIU Hotels & Resorts states that:

      We are aware that three guests staying last April at this hotel and coming from the same group (of 120 people) were attended by a possible case of gastroenteritis in our doctor’s office. These events occurred after an external activity of this group outside the hotel, so we can not determine the exact origin of the stomach upset.

      Having said that, no more similar cases were registered by other guests during the indicated date above.

      We regret not being able to offer you more information due to privacy reasons.

      Kind Regards
      RIU Hotels & Resorts

  • Elizabeth Acevedo

    Hi, I will be booking my stay but I wanted to know how far is the Riu Bambu from the Riu Bavaro. I will be having family staying at the Bavaro resort and I wanted to know if we were able to visit?, how would it work?

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