RIU introduces you to 25 of its team members in Mexico!

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We are still celebrating in Mexico! As you know, this year we are celebrating the fact that 25 years ago RIU opened its first hotel in the country. Today Mexico is the chain’s main international destination with 22 hotels in five Caribbean and Pacific states, where over 9,000 workers are employed. In fact, the workforce is the heart and soul of the company in the country; without their talent and professionalism, this journey would not have been possible.

We want to show you a little bit of the RIU spirit in Mexico through its key players. Here you will find 25 names together with the stories of the people who, alongside all their colleagues, have made it possible for us to celebrate this great milestone.

Thank you so much to them all! Here’s to another 25 years of making dreams come true!

  • Neftali Jimenez Rincón, Chef, Riu Cancun.

    “We all have the opportunity, it depends on how you present yourself, grow and have the hunger to learn. If I were to be reborn and exist again, I would come back to RIU”

  • Domingo Falcón Ascencio, Receptionist, Riu Palace Las Americas.

    “For many years I have been able to develop professionally in the Reception area and I have had the satisfaction of teaching many generations. Thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to stay here and form part of this great company”

  • Juan Alberto Pérez Sendo, Bartender, Riu Caribe.

    “I thank the RIU chain for giving me the confidence to be part of this great family. What’s more, RIU creates so many jobs in the country. This has been invaluable for me, as every day I work alongside a great team within this great company”

  • Noé Vidal Fernández, Bellboy, Riu Palace Peninsula.

    “I am very thankful that I belong to the RIU family that opened the doors for me to grow both personally and professionally. Thank you RIU for these 20 years”

  • Isaias González Martínez, Dining Room Assistant, Riu Dunamar.

    “I am honoured and proud to be part of this great chain. I love my job and doing it well is my responsibility. My challenge is to keep learning and to teach my colleagues knowledge and skills, to train them in the way the company needs. I feel very honoured. Thank you RIU!”

  • Ángeles Vázquez, Housekeeper, Riu Palace Costa Mujeres.

    “In my 18 years with RIU I have never ceased to learn”

  • Vicente Espejo Tepach, Gardener, Riu Palace Riviera Maya.

    “Thank you for these 25 years!”

  • Jose Luis Castillo, Head Gardener, Riu Palace Mexico.

    “Thank you for trusting me and for letting me work within this company that allowed me to grow so much. I can only express my gratitude to the management, especially to Mr. Rafael Exposito for the opportunity I have been given, thank you very much”

  • Chacha Texna Juan José, Maitre D’, Riu Yucatan.

    “I am very grateful for the experience and learning I have gained over all these years, as well as the love for this profession”

  • David Contreras, Kitchen Assistant, Riu Playacar.

    “I am grateful to RIU for giving me the opportunity to be part of their team. I hope to continue contributing for many years to come”

  • Teodoro Reina, Assistant Manager, Riu Tequila.

    “In the face of madness we must keep our sanity”

  • Manuel May Tec, Dining Room Assistant, Riu Lupita.

    “I am grateful to RIU for giving me the opportunity to grow both personally and professionally”

  • Óscar Castillo, Assistant Manager, Riu Santa Fe.

    “Enjoy what you do”

  • Rogelio Israel Pat Gutierrez, Executive Chef, Riu Palace Cabo San Lucas.

    “So that you don’t work a day in your life, do what you like the most and then life will be wonderful”

  • Audilio Ortiz Gomes, Gardener, Riu Palace Baja California.

    “I am very proud and grateful to the company for allowing me to work for such a long time”

  • David Salas Rey, Housekeeper, Riu Emerald Bay.

    “Over the years I have met many people from whom I have learned and this has motivated me to teach others and to continue growing together with the company”

  • Marco Alexander Silva Duenas, Bellboy, Riu Vallarta.

    “RIU is my second home, I feel like I am part of a big family, with whom I have shared more than half of my life”

  • Salvador Romero Hernández, Waiter, Riu Jalisco.

    “Always at your service”

  • Pedro Hernández Guitrón, Gardener, Riu Palace Pacifico.

    “Thank you for all these years and the opportunity to work at RIU”

  • Jesús Caporal, Maintenance Mexico. 

    “RIU is a company that generates jobs in different destinations, in addition to offering training, development and professional growth at all levels”

  • Adriana Navarro, Public Areas, Riu Plaza Guadalajara.

    “Thank you RIU, for these 11 years! The best thing I have to give everyone is my widest smile”

  • Norma Zamora, HR, Playa del Carmen.

    “In Human Resources, we see how RIU gives an opportunity to anyone who wishes to join the company to integrate and learn. Then, from the inside, we use our experience to do everything we can to make sure they stay long enough to fall in love with RIU. We listen to their wishes, needs and goals when they arrive, and watching them improve over the years is wonderful. It’s one of the things that fulfils me professionally and personally”.

  • Regina Herrera, Purchasing, Quintana Roo.

    “Since we arrived in Mexico we have been very grateful to the local suppliers with whom we have been working for so long. Although it was not an easy task, they managed to adapt to the needs of the hotels, but most of all to the way we work, and everything has gone very smoothly. That is why so many suppliers continue to work with us and say (jokingly) that we are their favourite customer”

  • Monse Rodríguez, Finance Mexico.

    “Every grain of sand counts towards fulfilling a purpose no matter how small it is. Keep on accomplishing, just stay constant. I thank the team for the trust they have placed in me since the day I joined and for allowing me to grow professionally over the years”

  • Deniss Herrera, HR, Cancun.

    “We don’t always find candidates who have work experience, but they have the will, the desire to excel, and interest in learning, things we value very highly, so they usually receive the training and education they need. Seeing them stay with us makes me think that we are on the right track, and watching them do well is very gratifying! It encourages us to keep working to improve each day, so that every day we get better and better”

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