Luis Riu: “Difficult times bring out the most supportive side of RIU employees”

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We are still in the midst of this crisis caused by the spread of COVID-19 and, while we continue to work to keep this ship afloat throughout the storm, today I want to pause to acknowledge all the acts of support that have come out of RIU hotels around the world.

And I don’t just want to show how great the company is. No. I want to do this to recognise the people who came up with and carried out these ideas, because these initiatives came from the hotels themselves. They came from all the people who form part of RIU and the community that has seen, in this crisis, an opportunity to help. We said it before in an open letter to the RIU staff and we won’t tire of repeating it. Hotels without staff are just buildings. Today we can see that those hotels have a big heart.

Luis Riu, CEO of RIU Hotels & Resorts, expresses his appreciation for the solidarity of the staff during the corona virus crisis.

Luis Riu, CEO of RIU Hotels & Resorts, expresses his appreciation for the solidarity of the staff during the corona virus crisis.

Food donations made by RIU hotels around the world

Almost all the hotels have donated perishable food to their employees, as well as seeking out charities and organisations in order to donate a large amount of essential food. In the past and currently, donations have been made to food banks and soup kitchens which are now supporting even more people as a result of the crisis, as well as parishes, shelters, organisations like:

On many occasions, these donations are repeated regularly. For example, for more than a month, Riu Plaza Panama hotel has donated 10 meals a day to the Panama firefighters.

  • Delivery of perishable foods to the employees of the Riu Palace Costa Mujeres hotel in Cancun because of the COVID-19 pandemic

RIU contributes essential supplies to healthcare and emergency workers

But it is not only food. A large amount of healthcare and personal protection supplies have been donated to support the work of the police, civil guard and healthcare workers. Thousands of litres of antibacterial gel, bleach and cleaning fluid have been donated. As well as masks and gloves, together with thousands of metres of bed linen to make more masks and gowns.

A unique gesture: inspirational messages of solidarity on RIU hotel façades

It is also worth noting one of the most visible initiatives, which I did play a part in, especially at the beginning. It is the messages of support displayed on the enormous façades of our hotels. We started with the Riu Plaza hotels in Madrid, Berlin, New York, Panama City and Guadalajara, and gradually more and more hotels joined in: Vallarta, Mazatlán, Cancún, Sri Lanka… in fact, almost all of our hotels have made the effort to join in this initiative.

  • The Riu Plaza New York Times Square hotel, shining with an illuminated heart of solidarity to support those affected by the coronavirus

I cannot list all the initiatives because I don’t want this text to go on for too long. What I want to do is just highlight that support for the community that has come from every single RIU hotel and destination. The aim is to acknowledge the people behind each initiative that I know have started on every level, from the maids, bars, restaurants and receptions, as well as management. The hotels’ closure is proving very hard for everyone in this 2020 that was full of new projects, so the fact that they have found the time and energy to suggest these initiatives and make them happen, shows the kind of people we have on our staff.

Fdo. Luis Riu



    Thank you for all you do and have been doing. I absolutely love RPLA and can’t wait to be back there again soon.

  • Sharon Rathert

    Thank you to the wonderful Riu employees and families for helping others during this difficult time.

  • MaryAnn Suess

    We have been graciously pampered by the RIU Resorts for over ten years and I feel like mu husband and I are “family”. We will forever be thankful to the RIU resorts for sharing a bit of heaven with us and we will continue to do so for as long as we are able.

  • Latifa Jnaini pires

    Very good initiatives

  • Paul Melville

    Well done.

  • Peter Ashworth

    The RIU Family – keep making good things happen for everyone!

  • Stephan and Linda Rill

    BRAVO!!! My wife, Linda, and I are frequent visitors to the Riu Palace Cabo San Lucas. We spend about 6 weeks a year there. We have gotten to know many of the staff which we consider part of our extended family. They have great hearts and we miss them dearly. Stay safe Riu familia, Canada <3 you!

  • Gina Lecce

    Nice to see you doing this. I am not happy with your hotel at all. I stayed in your brand new hotel in Mexico and had a really bad experience with your spa. The therapist was sick and coughing and sneezing during our service and had no idea what she was doing. I was told by management that I would get a refund and am still waiting. Now i am afraid to book again due to this problem. Will someone please get back to me. Thank you

    • Riu Hotels

      Dear Gina,

      We hope to get the chance to welcome you again soon at one of our RIU hotels. Regarding your concerns, we kindly ask you to contact our After Travel Customer Care Team via [email protected] for further assistance.

      Kind regards,

      RIU Hotels & Resorts

  • Diana

    Thank you for helping the Riu employees who work very hard. We stay at Riu Republica every year and still have reservations for end of June. I am hoping this is all over before that

  • Kevin Hackney & Margaret Ball

    We are so sad not to be visiting a RIU hotel again until Christmas 2020, when we sincerely hope it will be business as usual!. May we take this opportunity to say how much we love he RIUs, especially the ones in Morocco and Mexico (both our favourite destinations) and we cant wait to visit the Tikida Beach again. Meanwhile we wish all the staff in all the hotels the best for the future.

  • Judith Jones

    My husband and I have been making Riu Place Macao our home from home since 2013, and wouldn’t dream of going anywhere else. Every one of the staff from the maids to the managers and everyone in between have become like family to us and warmly welcome us back like family year after year, We love them all for making our lives brighter and happier and can’t wait to see them all again in late September 2020 God willing.
    Your initiatives and help during this terrible time is a testament to the commitment of your wonderful staff.
    Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

    • Riu Hotels

      Hi Judith!

      Thank you for your kind words to RIU and its workers! We hope to see you very soon enjoying your vacation with us.

  • Hedvig Hansen

    dear Mr Luis Riu
    incredibly beautiful gesture, I am proud to be a member of Riu Hotels, thank you from Copenhagen, Denmark

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