All-embracing, disitinctive and spectacular: welcome to Zanzibar, our new destination

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Every time we go into in a new destination, we are always really keen for you to be there with us to enjoy it. Our aim is to show you the most spectacular locations, the flavours of the local cuisine and the must-see sights for visitors. The destination we are introducing today is, apart from being a new venture for RIU this year, one of the most all-embracing and exotic locations you are ever likely to find. We are talking about Zanzibar, an Tanzanian island that provides an almost infinite range of possibilities and activities.

Discover the incredible beaches Zanzibar

Zanzibar’s beaches are all beautiful but it’s also true that the ones along the north coast of the island are best for plunging into the sea. One of them is called Nungwi, where the Riu Palace Zanzibar is located, a wide stretch of white, soft, sandy beach that is perfect for relaxing on. Nearby beaches include Kendwa and Matemwe which are similarly spectacular.

There are other beaches such as Jambiani, in the south-west, whose climatic conditios makes them more suitable for a variety of water sports. On this side of the island, the beach expands by hundreds of metres when the tide goes out.

Visit the Jozani Forest

The is the island’s only national park, a protected area of some 50 m² in the east of Zanzibar devoted to maintaining the most important biodiversity of the island. In its interior you can see, apart from the impressive lushness of the native mangroves, a unique species endemic to Zanzibar: the red colobus monkey.

Lose yourself in Stone Town

Discovering the hidden corners of the old quarter of the capital, Ciudad de Zanzibar, will reveal to you the past and present of a place that has much more to offer than just idyllic beaches and exoticism. You will come across colonial buildings, cathedrals, palaces and mosques. The entire history of Zanzibar will reveal itself before your very eyes, marked by the passage of Persian, Arab, Muslim, Portuguese and African civilizations, reflected in the various buildings that have borne the ravages of time and erosion.

Scuba dive or snorkel in Mnemba and Chumbe

The Zanzibar archipelago is made up of several tiny islands where it is a genuine privilege to dive into their waters to observe the marine flora and fauna. Mnemba and Chumbe are two of them and it is fair to say that the coral reef you can see in Chumbe is truly unique. Definitely worth seeing!

The Spice Island

That is what Zanzibar is known as, thanks to the cultivation and economic activity based around spices. Clove, nutmeg, ginger, vanilla, pepper…many of the ones we consume on a daily basis are to be found in Zanzibar in their natural habitat. You can fully appreciate their smell and taste by taking the Spice Route.

Water sports in a unique ecosystem, heavenly beaches, a city that encapsulates the entire history of the destination. These are just some of the things you will discover if you decide to visit Zanzibar and get to know an entirely different type of destination. Apart from these few small tasters on what the island has to offer, we are also able to put the Riu Palace Zanzibar at your disposal, our hotel located in Nungwi which has all the facilities you need for a truly memorable visit to this exotic location. We’ll be waiting for you!


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