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We all like to have a place where we can escape the routine and unwind. Many of us go to small towns or second homes, but did you know that some people choose RIU as their home away from home? That is what our guests Ilona Romic and Ingrid Unland do. They both come from Germany every year, attracted by the mild Mallorcan winter. And this year they have been back again! We took the opportunity to pay them a visit at the Riu Festival hotel so they could tell us their story.

Ingrid and Ilona at the Riu Festival Hotel, Mallorca.

Ingrid and Ilona at the Riu Festival Hotel, Mallorca.

Why come to Mallorca?

Mallorca is a wonderful destination because the island is full of possibilities, and although it does not have a tropical climate, there is the sea and there are mountains, making it an ideal destination at any time of the year. Its beaches and coves will make you fall in love during the summer season, when the island becomes a true paradise, worthy of an advertisement. In winter and autumn you will be amazed by the mountains and nature, and there is always something new to discover. You could say that Mallorca is a dish with the perfect combination of ingredients, in this case the sea and the mountains, which satisfies all palates.

Mallorca, the ideal place to unwind and make new friends

This is what Ingrid must have thought when she first visited us in 2010, and she still hasn’t changed her mind. The same goes for Ilona, who has been making Mallorca her second home since 1999. However, it was not until 2017 that their paths crossed by chance. The two were enjoying a few days’ rest at the Riu Bravo hotel, when Ingrid asked Ilona to help her with her mobile phone. Since then, they have kept in touch and every year they spend their holidays on the island. Of course, when they go their separate ways, they can still communicate, thanks to the medium that brought them together in the first place: their mobile phones.

Ilona Romic

Ingrid Unland

Panoramic view of Madrid from the terrace of the Riu Plaza España hotel.

Their story with us does not end in Mallorca, and we can honestly say that Ilona has travelled the world with us, visiting Florida, Tunisia, Madeira and Spain. And in Spain she was joined by Ingrid. Both are globetrotters who are a part of our big family and to whom we would like to pay a small tribute.

One of the things that touched us most about their story was hearing that one of their most special moments at RIU was when they visited the Sky Bar at the Riu Plaza España hotel, our first city hotel in Spain, and we are so happy that they were able to enjoy the views of Madrid with us. It is a unique sensation to climb up to the terrace and admire the imposing city at your feet.

Ingrid and Ilona enjoying the terrace of the hotel Riu Plaza España.

Ingrid and Ilona enjoying the terrace of the hotel Riu Plaza España.

We are delighted that they choose us for their days off, and to hear them say that for them, RIU is like coming home and being with family. Even so, this year they have missed the many guests they coincided with on previous occasions. They particularly remember Helga Borem, and they sent her a very special photo, together with Xisca and Patricia, the directors of Riu Bravo and Riu Festival, to congratulate her on her 100th birthday and be present on Helga’s special day.

Xisca and Patricia, the managers of two hotels in Playa de Palma, with the German guests

Xisca and Patricia, the managers of two hotels in Playa de Palma, with the German guests.

We would like to thank them for having placed their trust in us for yet another year, and for letting us take care of them in these months that are so difficult for all of us. Guests like these are what give us the strength to keep going with more enthusiasm than ever.

It will always be a pleasure for us to welcome you to RIU, your home away from home.

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