Now you’ll never have to make a reservation at the theme restaurants in RIU hotels in America

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Today we’re going to make you very happy – we’ve got lots to tell you. It’s something that many of you have been asking us for and that today, at long last, we can say is official: from now on, you will not have to make reservations at the theme restaurants in RIU hotels in America.


Our main objective, which we always strive to fulfil, is to give our guests the best vacation experience possible. We want to tell you that we’ve decided to change the reservation system in our speciality restaurants. Now you don’t have to wait in line to make sure you get a place in the speciality restaurants; tables will be assigned on a first-come-first-served basis depending on when people arrive at the restaurant.


In order to improve our service and customer satisfaction, our hotels in the Caribbean, Mexico, Panama and Costa Rica are the ones that will be applying this new rule in their theme restaurants for the moment.



At the restaurants in our RIU hotels, you’ll enjoy a gastronomic experience that can’t be missed. You’ll enjoy typical dishes from all over the world: from Mexican delicacies to sophisticated pieces of sushi. Try our restaurants offering fusion and contemporary cuisine, we guarantee that they won’t leave you indifferent. We’re waiting for you in our restaurants!


  • Peter Brewer

    I think that you are making a big mistake by removing the booking system for the speciality restaurants. We have just come back from Riu Palace Tropical bay in Jamaica where this system is live and I personally don’t like it, I much prefer to book in advance so that I know where I am eating and at what time

  • Yvonne Busby

    This is a really, really bad idea. We were in Costa Rica in April, we are diamond class members, but could never get a table for dinner in the speciality restaurnts. A very disappointed customer. You need to go back to how it was, make a booking.

  • Marry Gartland

    We are diamond class members and our trip to Aruba for 2 weeks in October, is were we first learned that you did not have to make reservations for the speciality restaurants. We thought this would be a problem but we were wrong. Most nights we chose to dine at a speciality restaurant and never had a problem getting a table for what was the “first sitting” when you had to make a reservation.

  • Dawn symons

    We have been going to the Riu hotels for a number of years and really enjoyed it and have introduced our friends last year to Riu. We are a party of 8 and you introduced the new reservation system when we was in Mexico in May and it was a complete shambles, and caused lots of arguments with the management. Our friends have said they will not return to the Riu hotels with this system, which is such a shame . A very bad decision!!!

  • Think Logically

    Having to wait in live and not knowing if you will eat, versus knowing when you’re going to eat and not having to worry by having a reservation. The answer is logically clear. Do I want to worry about my access to an a la carte restaurant on a vacation? Do I want to wait in line? No, I don’t.

  • Ron

    We had in the past always stayed at a RIU. Over the years MANY nice and other resorts did not have to have a reservation for dinner and we LIKED that! This is finally a good thing RIU is doing. It was every time we went the first night we would have to eat at the buffet since all reservations were gone. Then the next days I had to always break away from what I was doing to get in line to see someone to book. Then you had to make sure you showed up at the time picked. It was just a joke. One time the whole week was buffet because everything filled up by the time they got to us. Now I will come back since you are doing this. We were staying always with Secrets or Dreams to not have to make a reservation!

    • Riu Hotels

      Hi Ron!

      Thanks for your comment. We’re really excited to read comments like this. We hope that you will come to one of our hotels son.

      Kind Regards,
      RIU Hotels & Resorts

  • Hilton langille

    Bad, bad, bad idea! I would rather wait in one line to make reservations than wait in a line to be told, sorry there is an hour wait for seats. Then go to another restaurant and get a similar story. Or get to the front of a line and be told, ” we can’t seat your whole party”! Please rethink this bad idea.

    • Riu Hotels

      Hi Hilton!

      Thanks for your comment, we will send it to the corresponding department. We want you to know that this change has been carried out at the request of our clients and, in general, the comments that come to us are positive.

      Kind Regards,
      RIU Hotels & Resorts

  • Irene

    I think this is a great idea. To have to make a reservation upon arrival is not a great system. Not only do you get the worse times but how to figure out what you wish to eat four/five days in advance is unrealistic. Thank you Rui for getting with the times.

  • claudia minervini

    Great idea!!!

  • Nancy

    This is working now. We stayed at NV Riu in Mexico and loved the seating. I am looking forward to PR Riu in December.

    • Riu Hotels

      Hi Nancy!

      Many thanks for your comment and we look forward to welcoming you back in December 🙂

      Kind Regards
      RIU Hotels & Resorts

  • Fiona Tagoe

    This system doesn’t work in Riu Club Negril. Long lines with waits of over an hour for the steak house where they only allow 60 people at a time. They also reduce this to 20 if there’s a wedding. Other restaurants also have wait times though not so long. Would much prefer to make a reservation at the start of the week. Won’t go back to Riu if policy isn’t changed.

    • Riu Hotels

      Hi Fiona!

      Many thanks for your comment. We are sorry to learn that you didn’t agree with our specialty restaurants booking system. Considering the number of reservations and our experience, we’ve found this system to be the most convenient in our hotels, although we are always open to suggestions.

      Kind Regards
      RIU Hotels & Resorts

  • Mary Jo Dopson

    Hello, The last comment was late February 2018, and I’m just checking to see if the resorts still have the ‘first come — first served’ still in place? I do personally like it. 🙂
    Thank you

  • Jody

    I’ve read through all the complaints about this, however I like the idea and always hated having to reserve days in advance. I’ve stayed at Riu Ocho’s (Jamaica).. Riu Varadero(Yuck – Cuba). .. And Riu Santa Fe (Cabo).. the upsetting thing with reservations is seeing the restaurant half full when people can’t get in.. because those who booked it are drunk, passed out in bed. I don’t understand why people are complaining. This is how it works at most restaurants anyways. I like the way you’re doing it now.. thank you !!

    • Riu Hotels

      Hi Jody!

      Many thanks for your point of view! We will share your opinions with the corresponding departament.

      Kind Regards
      RIU Hotels & Resorts

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