RIU Hotels & Resorts continues to work on its “Aquí también” (Here too) program together with Ayuda en Acción

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RIU Hotels & Resorts is fighting against childhood poverty with the goal of preventing children from inheriting inequality. In order to do so, RIU has joined forces with Ayuda en Acción on their “Aquí también” program in the Balearic Islands since 2017, which is currently also being implemented in Madrid.

RIU has been collaborating with Ayuda en Acción for the last four years

This is the fourth year of investment in the Balearic Islands

RIU continues supporting this program for the fourth consecutive year, which forms part of the “Vive el barrio” (Experience your neighbourhood) project. During this past 2019/20 school year the chain collaborated with school dinner grants for schools in San Gotleu and Nou Llevant. These grants reduced the cost of a school dinner for 90 students in the CEIP I ESO Pintor Joan Miró school canteen at Nou Llevant and improved the running of the school canteen at the CEIP Es Pont in Son Gotleu which had 60 children eating there, thanks to the hiring of an additional monitor.

The project has received the name "Vive el barrio" in the Balearic Islands

Changes to the 2020/21 school year

This year, the Project plans to support high quality leisure activities and educational innovation for children and adolescents from vulnerable backgrounds. It will be working on this again in the Son Gotleu and Nou Llevant neighbourhoods through the following initiatives:

– Son Gotleu Skating School, with 36 participants.

– School gardens in the CEIP Es Pont (Son Gotleu) and the Instituto Escuela Pintor Joan Miró (Nuevo Levante), with approximately 96 children taking part.

– Coordination of extracurricular activities at the Instituto Escuela Pintor Joan Miró (Nuevo Levante), where approximately 100 children take part.

One of the measures within RIU and Ayuda en Acción's projects are the school gardens

Once again this year, RIU has wanted to support the work of Ayuda en Acción in the Balearic Islands, which focuses on healthy lifestyle habits for children at risk of social exclusion or those living in poverty.

“Aquí también” began in Madrid last year

This program has been rolled out in the capital since 2019 in the Tetuán-Ventilla, Latina and Leganés neighbourhoods, in schools which have vulnerable students. More specifically, the program works with 9 educational establishments, 8 CEIP (Preschool and Primary), 1 IES (High school) and 2 local organizations. For 2020 the same plan as last year will be carried out.

The "Aquí también" project started in Madrid last year

Within this program, in Madrid, the ESPACIOS EN CALMA (Calm spaces) project has been created, which seeks to create safe spaces in schools for 45 vulnerable children, and in order to do so:

  • The project supports teachers in schools in dealing with students with behavioural problems in order to create a better school environment.
  • It encourages mutual respect, from a very young age, along with cooperation and non-discrimination.
  • It offers safe and inclusive places in which to live together and grow.
  • They work on the different emotional and affective needs that arise in vulnerable environments. In order to do so they carry out activities such as personalized therapeutic care, parents workshops, teaching staff workshops as well as additional training with teachers, social services, etc.

Both projects cater to the fundamental pillars of the company’s CSR strategy: children and health.

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