Seven countries with RIU destinations in the Russia World Cup!

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It’s here! The FIFA World Cup is about to start and we know that all of you are eager to see your selection go as far as it can. A total of 32 selections are vying to win the prestigious world tournament, and we at RIU have seven representatives: the participating countries where we have hotels and which will be fighting to be the world champions. Want to find out about them?


Of the eight groups in the World Cup, this is the group with the greatest representation of RIU destinations. Morocco, Portugal and Spain will compete, along with Iran, for two spots in the round of 16. The first match will be Spain against Portugal, which promises to be an authentic blowout between the two most recent European champions. Between the two of them, the two selections have carried the torch a total of eight times, one world cup and… 31 RIU hotels in their territory! Which of the three RIU destinations do you think will make it the farthest?



Just one country where we have hotels will compete in this group: Costa Rica. The selection representing the country of ‘Pura Vida’ will try to repeat or improve on its performance in World Cup Brazil 2014, where it got all the way to the quarter finals. Will the beaches of Guanacaste make it to the round of 16?


Sweden and South Korea will face off against another two RIU representatives in Russia: Germany and Mexico. The current world champion, the capital of which is the site of the Riu Plaza Berlin, will have in Mexico, one of the destinations where we have the most hotels, the rival it needs to beat to make it to first place in the group.



This group will pit Panama, the country representing RIU Hotels, against Tunisia and Belgium. Although the British and the Belgians are the favourites, the South American selection will have extra the motivation of being in a World Cup for the first time, as it has never before managed to qualify. No doubt that the Riu Plaza Panama and the Riu Playa Blanca are eager for it to begin. Will they qualify for the following round?

Many weeks of emotions will be lived not only in Russia but also in the 32 countries vying to be declared the world champions. And, to make it more exciting, we invite you to participate… in our contest on Facebook! You just have to enter HERE and predict the winners. Stay tuned to our other social media like Twitter or Instagram… we’ll surprise you. Good luck!

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