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These last few months have brought home to us the value of being able to take a walk and to get a breath of fresh air out in the street. When you were cooped up at home, no doubt you fondly imagined yourself out and about walking the streets of your home town or city and going about your normal everyday life, savouring every step along the way. To tell the truth, if we’ve learned anything from these months it’s the true value of everything in our immediate vicinity.

Riu Plaza España

Riu Plaza España.

We want to use this post to reveal an alternative way of approaching your holiday: visiting your home city. You might think we’re joking in that you already know every street like the back of your hand, but why not think about your home city as being your next holiday destination? It’s a way for you to switch off while still feeling safe without straying from familiar surroundings. What’s more, we all have plans in mind that we always mean to pursue but never get round to for lack of time. The time has come to change roles and imagine yourself in the shoes of someone about to visit your home city. Maybe you’ll surprise yourself! Take note if you want a weekend break and you live in Madrid, Berlin, Guadalajara, Miami or Dublin. We’ll show you what tourists typically do when they try to put themselves in your shoes:

1.   Berlin

The first thing anyone travelling to Berlin thinks about is a visit to the popular wall which still stands in various parts of the city. This structure is famous for the numerous works of art painted on it. There is a special one that everybody wants to get to, the one that depicts the renowned kiss between two political leaders. No doubt you already know the history of the wall inside out but we still suggest that you spend a morning following its route on foot while imagining all the events of its past. And be sure take a selfie, of course!

Over the last decades, Berlin has been notable for its history and its modernity

Over the last decades, Berlin has been notable for its history and its modernity.

Another classic is the Brandenburg Gate, which is the meeting point for most of the tours of this amazing city. How many times have you driven past it in your car? Indulge yourself and spend two days embracing your home city with visits to its monuments and, of course, its museums; because if there’s anything Berlin’s not short of, it’s art. Besides, you can stay in the hotel Riu Plaza Berlin that provides you with all the creature comforts you require.

The Brandenburg Gate is one of Germany's leading symbols

The Brandenburg Gate is one of Germany’s leading symbols.

2.   Dublin

What always springs to mind when thinking about Dublin is the typical Irish music that is so prevalent in the pubs and which forms part of the very fabric of the city.  What also stands out is the elegance of the architecture from the Georgian era and the colourful doorways of the houses which are a distinguishing feature of the city. Walking its streets is the best way to experience the true essence of Dublin.  You can also visit the famous Phoenix Park which houses a zoo, the city’s cathedrals and, of course, wander about to discover famous statues such as the one dedicated to Molly Malone, the famous fishmonger who walked the city’s streets with her wheelbarrow and whose place in history was sealed with the famous song named after her.

Dublin is a city renowned for its architectural elegance

Dublin is a city renowned for its architectural elegance.

What better way to finish off the day than to visit a typical pub, enjoy a premium beer, close your eyes and imagine how a tourist would feel when visiting this incredible city. To unwind, you can stay in another of the city’s most important locations: the Riu Plaza The Gresham Dublin. This city centre property is located on the famed O’Connell Street in a historical building which has become an iconic location for the city and all who visit it.

Riu Plaza The Gresham Dublin

Riu Plaza The Gresham Dublin.

3. Guadalajara

The hotel Riu Plaza Guadalajara is located right in the heart of this wonderful city. It provides the perfect base for enjoying the culture, history and various leisure options available in the local streets. The first thing a first-time visitor to Guadalajara will be surprised by is the combination of the traditional and modern with colonial buildings and charming cafés forming a striking contrast with the city’s new and modern infrastructures.

Riu Plaza Guadalajara

Riu Plaza Guadalajara.

As you are well aware, this city has endless places worthy of a visit including the historical centre, the cathedral, the Plaza de Armas or the Hospicio Cabañas, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Now is the moment to go and see these attractions that draw in so many curious visitors and that you have always said you would go and see but have never found the time. Additionally, if you take a stroll around the city you will come across the Parque del Agua Azul (Blue Water Park), a place filled with nature and culture. And don’t get to the end of the day without having tried the local specialist sandwich, the ‘Torta Ahogada’ to round off your experience as a tourist.

The streets of Guadalajara strike a perfect balance between the traditional and the modern

The streets of Guadalajara strike a perfect balance between the traditional and the modern.

4.   Madrid

Our Riu Plaza España is located right in the heart of the Spanish capital. It’s the perfect setting-off point for a traditional stroll along Gran Vía. OK, we understand that you know it backwards, but do you have a photo of yourself by one of the musical theatres? Now is the time! Compulsory visits also include the Puerta del Sol, a wander through the Barrio de las Letras (Literary Quarter), a visit to Malasaña or Chueca, all of them areas that you pass through often but that merit paying special attention to the buildings, the light and the colour in each and every one of their streets.

Gran vía de Madrid

Gran Vía, Madrid.

Naturally, and being the local expert, you will know where to find a traditional restaurant serving the typical Madrilenian ‘cocido’. For the late afternoon we recommend having a drink on the hotel terrace while watching the sun set. Did you know that it’s now one of the city’s most fashionable spots?

The terrace of the hotel Riu Plaza España has become one of Madrid's most fashionable spots

The terrace of the hotel Riu Plaza España has become one of Madrid’s most fashionable spots.

5.   Miami

Our last stop is Miami, the famous city that has played host to numerous stars of the big screen. Anyone visiting Miami can’t help but think about action, series, films and movie shoots. There’s no doubt that this is a city with a strong cultural and artistic presence.

Art and culture has a strong presence in every last corner of Miami

Art and culture has a strong presence in every last corner of Miami.

If you are one of those lucky enough to live in this idyllic area then you will no doubt be familiar with the famous South Beach neighbourhood where the hotel Riu Plaza Miami Beach is located. The Art Deco district is nearby where you will discover an overwhelming architectural legacy. You can also visit the Española Way area with its numerous artists’ studios and art galleries and Lummus Park Beach, an ideal place for taking a stroll and enjoying stunning views of the coast. And very close by is Miami Beach, where a walk along the seafront promenade provides a taste of peace and tranquillity.

Riu Plaza Miami Beach

Riu Plaza Miami Beach.

If you live in or near these cities, now is the perfect moment to plan a weekend to gain a really in-depth knowledge of your home patch. To make the experience even more genuine, why not hang a camera round your neck, grab a paper map, put a sun hat on in case it gets too hot, and venture out to rediscover any of these destinations. To put the icing on the cake, stay in one of our hotels to relax and prove to yourself that you don’t need to travel far to be able to rest and switch off. We’ll be waiting for you!

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