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15 May, 2018

Because family comes first

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On the International Day of Families, RIU wants to dedicate a new post on its blog to the three non-governmental foundations with which it collaborates in Aruba and whose work with the families of the island is of utmost importance to the local community. Since 2016, RIU Hotels is their sponsor, collaborating in events, workshops and in the maintenance of...

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22 August, 2017

At RIU, we’re celebrating! 10-year anniversary of our first hotel in Aruba!

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It’s been 10 years since we started to do business in Aruba. It was in 2007 when, in Palm Beach, we opened our first hotel on this marvellous island: the Riu Palace Aruba. Since then, we haven’t let up in our efforts to improve the experience of the guests at our facilities. It was the first grain of sand we...

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11 July, 2017

The holiday of your life awaits you at the Hotel Riu Palace Aruba

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We want you to feel special during your holiday. So today we’d like to show you the Riu Palace Aruba. A hotel for spending a luxury holiday in a unique destination. The island of Aruba offers you everything you’re looking for in an exclusive Caribbean destination: a tranquil atmosphere with heavenly beaches. At the Hotel Riu Palace Aruba, you’ll find...

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12 July, 2016

Riu Palace Antillas… ready to treat yourself?

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Today we propose a hotel that you won’t be able to say no to… Because of the quality of the service, its facilities, its varied cuisine… But, above all, because of its paradisiacal location. We invite you to discover the Riu Palace Antillas, one of our 24-hour All-Inclusive hotels, in Aruba. It’s a fantastic place, especially if you’re in the...

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