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25 May, 2018

“RIU Hotels is the best hotel company I’ve ever worked for”

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Amid the stoves of the enormous kitchens of the Hotel Riu Chiclana, a man who has been working for RIU for 14 years coordinates the work of the 70 people who prepare the dishes that so delight our guests. José Chocano Tirado, 59 years of age, is a Cádiz native who holds the position of First Kitchen Chef at our...

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13 February, 2018

It’s just two months to the reopening of the renovated ClubHotel Riu Chiclana!

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At RIU we never stop giving you good news: in less than two months the fully renovated… ClubHotel Riu Chiclana will open its doors! Located in a marvellous destination like Andalusia, our hotel in Chiclana will offer the most up-to-date amenities and facilities with more modern and fresher décor, in line with the new RIU style. Following the renovation, the...

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9 August, 2016

Relax on the magical beaches of Andalusia

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Today’s post takes us to Spain, specifically the south of this lovely country full of marvellous places and a culture of sharp contrasts, and a cuisine that everyone likes. You can enjoy all of this and much more in Cadiz and Malaga. If you still don’t have plans for what’s left of this summer, pack your bags because… We’re going...

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