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10 July, 2018

Discover Marrakesh in an authentic palace: the Riu Tikida Garden

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No doubt you already know that Marrakesh is a beautiful city. The old quarter of the city with its red-hued buildings, the reason why it’s nicknamed the ‘red city’, is a place that is animated by snake charmers, street vendors and musicians. Getting to know this wonderful city is within your reach, because it’s just three kilometres from one of...

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27 February, 2018

New York, Canary Islands and Morocco: movie destinations!

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Our hotels are located in unique destinations that each year attract millions of people eager to see paradisiacal beaches, authentic natural landscapes or historical monuments. Some of these destinations have a special attraction, something that sets them apart. So much so that many production companies end up choosing them as the ideal shooting locations. Today we’d like to tell you...

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6 October, 2017

Pure solidarity: The Gala Pequeño Valiente was a success!

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Music, colour, fun and solidarity. On Saturday the 16th of September, the Gala Pequeño Valiente was held and, as anticipated, it was a resounding success. More than 4,000 sympathetic hearts filled the Gran Canaria Arena to show their support for the fight against childhood cancer. The event enjoyed the support of various organisations and companies. Among them, RIU Hotels &...

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