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15 October, 2019

How should you experience Mallorca in November?

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With the colder weather upon us, it is time to take out our winter clothes and find alternative ways to spend our free time. This time we suggest you take a short break to Mallorca and discover everything its mountainous scenery has to offer you. In order to do just that, we will show you three essential trails to take if you come on holiday to this beautiful destination. You are going to absolutely love them!

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8 November, 2016

After seeing these natural areas, you’re going to be amazed

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Do you like to travel to special natural areas and see spots that seem magical? Have you seen thousands of images of places that seem to be on other planets and wanted to find out if they’re really on Earth? Today we bring you four unparalleled spots that are unique and unforgettable for being geological curiosities. If you’d like to visit...

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20 July, 2016

Pack your suitcase and get ready to spend your holiday in Majorca

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Still don’t know where to go on holiday this summer? Don’t worry, at RIU we make it very easy for you. We can suggest a fantastic trip: great activities and a list of hotels located right on Playa de Palma beach that are perfect for you…  Just wait, you won’t be able to say no. Find the best beaches. Majorca...

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14 June, 2016

The most spectacular natural pools in the world

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We love RIU hotels’ swimming pools, but swimming in the salty water of the sea is a unique and different sensation. But, have you ever thought about combining the two experiences? Around the world there are some natural pools that combine the tranquillity of submerging yourself in an enclosed space with the sense that you’re doing so in a unique...

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