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29 May, 2018

Let the relaxing atmosphere and natural beauty of Madeira captivate you

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Known the world over for the beauty of its ecosystem, Madeira Island boasts landscapes and out-of-the-way places worth visiting, and we want you to see them. Madeira is a rather small island, just under 750 km2, where you can find the Riu Madeira, our all-inclusive hotel that has everything you need to make your visit to this lovely Portuguese island...

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11 April, 2018

Visit Madeira and fall in love with its capital: Funchal

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As with the Canary Islands in relation to Spain, there is a small island that despite being part of Portugal is located in African waters. It’s Madeira, an island 57 kilometres long and 22 kilometres wide. Thanks to its small size, you can explore every corner, the spots every visitor must see. One of them is Funchal, the capital, a...

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5 December, 2016

Riu Madeira: in the mood for a romantic dinner?

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Naturally, if there’s anything we like at RIU, it’s travel, discovering new places, exploring new countries… Today we’re going to visit Portugal; we’re packing our bags for Madeira specifically. And don’t worry, we’ve already thought of a hotel for you to stay in. The Riu Madeira, a hotel that also just won an award. Want to come with us? Madeira...

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14 June, 2016

The most spectacular natural pools in the world

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We love RIU hotels’ swimming pools, but swimming in the salty water of the sea is a unique and different sensation. But, have you ever thought about combining the two experiences? Around the world there are some natural pools that combine the tranquillity of submerging yourself in an enclosed space with the sense that you’re doing so in a unique...

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13 May, 2016

Prepare a delicious Portuguese-style scabbardfish with banana

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Today we’ve gone as far away as Portugal to bring you a recipe for a delicious speciality of Madeira: scabbardfish with banana. You read that right: fish with banana. With this incredible Portuguese fusion, your dinner guests will be as surprised and delighted as our guests at the Riu Madeira when they first try the same dish prepared by the...

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