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20 November, 2023

It’s time to wiggle your hips to the rhythm of the Riu Parties!

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Little by little we are saying goodbye to this balmy autumn and embracing winter. Although in Spain we enjoy a privileged location, and there are several places where the mercury in the thermometer still hasn't dropped, it's better not to be overconfident. To avoid the chill, we bring you our secret formula: wiggle your hips! Unlike the saying, music doesn't always soothe the savage beast, and it certainly doesn't at our Riu Parties Today, RIU Hotels & Resorts brings you the best plan for this winter: come dance with us! But the million dollar question is, where in Spain can we find these acclaimed parties?

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19 October, 2023

Pere Torrens: “For RIU the most important thing is attitude. The company will provide the expertise.”

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One of the ongoing challenges for hospitality since the pandemic has been finding qualified staff who want to make a career in the sector. For this reason, RIU has looked for alternatives and new ways to solve this problem. One of these initiatives is being carried out in Playa de Palma, more specifically at the Hotel Riu Playa Park. Taking advantage of its closure, due to the end of the summer season, the hotel chain, in conjunction with the public body, SOIB, (Balearic Occupation Service) offers Dual Vocational Training courses to candidates with no experience in the hospitality industry so that once they finish the course, they can join the staff of RIU Hotels & Resorts.

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11 August, 2022

Riu Get Together Parties hit Jamaica

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Jamaica is famous for its endless beaches, its nature and its reggae rhythm. But do you know why else? RIU has just launched its successful Riu Get Together Parties in this destination and we are sure that they are going to be a success!

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