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17 February, 2022

Five RIU cocktails you can’t miss

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When we plan our holidays, we consider important aspects such as the destination, the location of the hotel and the amenities. Today we want to suggest that you go beyond that. This is possible with RIU! Imagine yourself sipping your favourite cocktail next to the beach while watching the sunset. And what if that drink is prepared in a RIU hotel?  Today we show you some of the star cocktails you can enjoy when you travel with us.

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17 November, 2020

A new restaurant in Zanzibar with a distinct Greek influence; you’ll want to lick your fingers clean!

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The RIU chain is making its debut in Zanzibar! In this post we'll tell you about RIU's first Greek restaurant called "IA" with its stunning location and decor. The restaurant offers a Mediterranean menu in which vegetable garden produce and seafood are the highlights. Would you like to find out about the rest of them?

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7 January, 2020

Cooking with love in the Maldives with RIU

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This time Aritha Fernando, one of RIU's executive chefs, will be telling you how to make one of the chain's most special recipes: National Maldivian Kukulhu Riha. This is a traditional Maldivian dish which is very special for both our chef and for RIU and it has one very characteristic secret ingredient: a sprinkling of love: Do you want to know how to prepare this dish and take all the flavours of paradise back home?

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