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23 December, 2021

RIU surprises you for Christmas!

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Christmas is here! The most magical time of the year has already crept in through the windows and chimneys of all the homes in the world, filling them with light and joy. The excitement experienced during these days is just like the desire to travel, it never goes away! As we do every year, at RIU we wanted to join in with the greetings and we have prepared two very special surprises for you. Don't miss out!

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2 December, 2021

A-rated entertainment

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This year we celebrated the 25th anniversary of one of the key departments in RIU hotels: the Entertainment Department. Today we want to introduce you to four of our A-rated entertainers whose names all start with the letter that shows their quality. What better way to get to know our entertainment staff than by putting faces and names to part...

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7 October, 2021

The RIU Entertainment team challenges you to Kahoot

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If you've ever stayed at a RIU hotel, you probably already know how to play Kahoot and, if not, today I'll tell you all about it! Through the Kahoot App, or simply by logging on to, you can take part in RIU's fun Question and Answer Quiz. Don't miss this post where we tell you all about Kahoot!

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9 September, 2021

RIU now has a Tik Tok account!

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A few weeks ago at RIU we became part of the Tik Tok craze. Have you seen our account? This trend-setting platform is on everyone's lips and we couldn't resist! Now we have a new channel for you to enjoy, to which we will be applying all our creativity and imagination and, of course, we hope that you will join us and take part in this new space.

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