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19 April, 2023

Miguel Reynés: “All the people who work in IT are very well trained and totally dedicated to RIU”

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The star of today's entry is Miguel Reynés, Chief Information Officer (CIO) at RIU. We had the pleasure of interviewing him so that he could tell us first-hand about the work he and his team do in the IT Systems department. Miguel Reynés joined RIU as head of the Riu Partner Club Project in 1993. Later, he took on the responsibility for Development, before becoming a director. Now he is in charge of controlling one of the company's key departments, in which IT systems and new technologies play a fundamental role for all RIU's workers and customers.

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9 February, 2023

RIU brings its 25th anniversary in Mexico to a close!

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With this article we bring to an end an entire year of activities held to celebrate RIU’s 25th anniversary in Mexico. Over these months we have learned more about the country, shared some unforgettable moments, and above all, we have been remembering and honouring this magical land. We could not be prouder of this affectionate anniversary tribute. At the same...

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5 January, 2023

Discover the ambitious renovation project for RIU Hotels in Mauritius

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In January, Luis Riu, CEO of RIU Hotels, presented the chain’s results of 2021 and the forecasts for 2022. He told us about the ambitious project he wanted to accomplish at the Riu Le Morne and Riu Creole hotels in Mauritius. It has been quite a challenge, but we are pleased to announce that the demolition of the two buildings has begun, to create a new complex...

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29 December, 2022

RIU wishes you a very happy New Year!

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Once again we would like to wish you a good start to the New Year and thank you for your continued support. 2022 has been the year of looking forward to the future and without your help, nothing would have been possible! We hope that all your dreams and wishes for the coming year come true, especially if that means...

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