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13 June, 2018

Seven countries with RIU destinations in the Russia World Cup!

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It’s here! The FIFA World Cup is about to start and we know that all of you are eager to see your selection go as far as it can. A total of 32 selections are vying to win the prestigious world tournament, and we at RIU have seven representatives: the participating countries where we have hotels and which will be...

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2 August, 2016

Typical drinks of some of our destinations that you shouldn’t miss

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Think about how great it is to have a beer at an outdoor bar! And how about an ice-cold sangria? And if it’s somewhere with view of the sea, that’s the ultimate. Although, if you like more intense flavours, maybe you’d prefer an authentic Caribbean rum… or maybe you’re thinking of salt, lemon and… A shot of tequila straight up?...

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