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The best views? In Gran Canaria and at the Hotel Riu Vistamar

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Comprised of a varied and almost limitless catalogue of microclimates and ecosystems, the island of Gran Canaria provides more than enough reasons to be considered a ‘miniature continent’. The heavenly beaches of the coast contrast with the deep valleys and canyons of the interior, where the flora and environment are unparalleled. This much variety on a single island means that...

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30 September, 2016

Did someone say autumn? The beaches of Gran Canaria await you!

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If you still haven’t had a holiday, if you’re in the mood for a little more sun, if you’ve hardly set foot on a beach in the last few months… Don’t worry, summer is not over yet. We can suggest a destination where you’ll always find warm weather: Gran Canaria. Enjoy its varied beaches — the big, lively ones and...

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19 August, 2016

ClubHotel Riu Papayas, the perfect place to enjoy a family holiday

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Have your heard that RIU has merged the Riu Papayas with the Riu Flamingo? The result is a new hotel in Gran Canaria: the ClubHotel Riu Papayas. It’s perfect for a getaway with your family and having a great time in its combined facilities. Don’t forget that this is a 24 hour All Inclusive hotel, offering the service the chain...

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19 February, 2016

At RIU, your wishes are our commands

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Many of you are asking us about the renovations taking place at our hotels, giving us your recommendations, and even telling us how you like the results. At RIU we think your requests and suggestions are very important, so we continue to work to offer the most modern facilities and the best services, both in our new hotels and the...

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