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19 January, 2017

The new Riu Reggae has just opened its doors!

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At RIU, we’re celebrating! Whenever we open a new hotel, we’re filled with great joy, and there’s nothing we like better than sharing it with you. So, don’t miss this post in which we tell you how we’re going to do it in our new hotel in Jamaica, specifically in Montego Bay: the Riu Reggae. The 5-star hotel, which is...

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17 May, 2016

They got married at RIU and celebrated by sharing with Jamaican children

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Today we want to share a very touching story with you. The main characters are Mick Guymon and Lindsay Elliot, a bride and groom who decided to get married at the Riu Montego Bay Hotel after a five-year engagement. The unusual thing about this story is that the couple was very clear about not wanting any wedding gifts for themselves....

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14 March, 2016

Live an authentic adventure in Jamaica

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If you’re a restless traveller and you’re looking for someplace to spend your holidays that combines exotic scenery, mountains, paradisiacal beaches, adventure, and entertainment, Jamaica is your destination. Turn your holidays into an experience totally different from any you’ve had up to now. Fly over forests on a zip-line for one-of-a-kind views; or, if you’re afraid of heights, you can...

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