RIU celebrates 20 years of smiles in Jamaica

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We are celebrating! We are celebrating our 20th anniversary in Jamaica, where we arrived in 2001 with the opening of the Riu Palace Tropical Bay in Negril. That’s why we think it’s a great time to tell you three wonderful stories. It’s the story of three of the many employees who, today, twenty years after they began their career with RIU, are still providing their guests and colleagues with the best service and, of course… their biggest smiles!

RIU in Jamaica

To understand the story of our three stars, we need to understand how it all began. It was on one of his many trips, in 1998, when Luis Riu, CEO of the chain, set his sights on Jamaica. His decision to commit to the island led to the opening of RIU’s first hotel in 2001: the Riu Palace Tropical Bay in Negril.

RIU continued to invest in Jamaica and, in just four years, was present in the three main destinations: Negril, Ocho Ríos and Montego Bay. Renovations, as well as new construction, have continued right up to the present. And while the hotels may have been renovated or expanded, one thing has not changed: the joy and excitement that Carlington Pryce, Tanesha Campbell and Oneil Vernon have shown at RIU in their 20 years of shared experience.

Carlington Pryce: from his beginnings as a waiter to his position in the Management team

Our beloved and cheerful Carlington was one of the original employees who saw RIU’s arrival in Jamaica in 2001 as a great opportunity for development. Starting as a waiter at the Riu Palace Tropical Bay, Carlington continued to grow professionally and personally as RIU’s expansion in Jamaica brought new opportunities.

20 years later, Carlington is part of the management team at the Riu Ocho Rios, a hotel that is now privileged and fortunate to have someone like Carlington on its staff. Dedicated, friendly to colleagues and customers alike and always sporting a huge smile. Thanks for so much, Carlington!

Tanesha Campbell-Davis: twenty years of joy in the bars

Few people are as good at team management as Tanesha, who is a role model for her colleagues and those who work with her. With a sincere smile and a singular efficiency, Tanesha now manages the entire bar team at the Riu Reggae in Montego Bay.

In her early days at the Riu Palace Tropical Bay, Tenesha was in charge of brightening up our guests’ holidays with her cheerful and friendly manner, while serving them their favourite drinks Years have passed, but her dedication has never wavered, the same dedication that has made her the Riu Reggae Bar Manager today. Thanks for everything, Tanesha!

Oneil Vernon: making magic in RIU’s kitchens since 2001

Great cuisine has always been one of RIU’s strong points. And that is thanks to the love and dedication that our cooks and chefs put into every dish they prepare.That passion and care, combined with his skills and leadership abilities, are what allowed Oneil Vernon to rise to the position of Executive Chef of the Riu Palace Jamaica, in Montego Bay.

In his early days, he began his RIU adventure in Jamaica as a chef at the Riu Palace Tropical Bay. Such is his determination to constantly improve and so good is his relationship with his colleagues and superiors that, today, with the same enthusiasm and affection as always, Oneil heads up an incredible kitchen team at the Riu Palace Jamaica. And, without doubt, he hopes that some of his staff will develop in a similar way to him. With him as an example, it won’t be difficult. Thanks for everything, Oneil!

Carlington, Tenisha and Oneil are just some of the examples that show what can be achieved when skills, effort, dedication and joy are combined in the face of opportunity. There are many more people who have been able to grow with RIU during these 20 years in Jamaica and, undoubtedly, they have allowed us to grow with them. Today, to everyone who is part of the RIU family in Jamaica, we want to say: Thank you all so much!


  • Vickie Boelman

    Wow 20 yrs. I celebrated my 50th birthday 20 yrs ago at the RIU Tropical Bay and since then have traveled the Caribbean every year staying always at a RIU. Hoping to see you this year but for sure will see you in 2022 to celebrate my 70th birthday.RIU Palace Tropical Bay is my favorite of all the RIUS because of the Jamaican staff . Congratulations on 20 yrs.

    • Riu Hotels

      Hi Vickie!

      Thank you very much for sharing your experience with us and for choosing us to spend this special date at RIU.

      We are happy to know that we continue to be your choice for your holidays.

      We look forward to welcoming you always!

      Kind regards,
      RIU Hotels & Resorts

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