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22 September, 2017

You have no excuse: when you visit the Riu Vallarta, you have everything you could ask for

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We humans are no doubt the living beings that complain the most. For us, everything has to have a “but”. When we cook something and it turns out perfect, we think it needs a little more salt. If we see our favourite team win four to zero, we remember that failed play that could have meant a fifth point. When...

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4 January, 2017

Still don’t know what Mexico’s Posadas are?

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At RIU, we love celebrations, but what we really like is for you to be there. Today we’re going to tell you about the famous Mexico’s Posadas. If you still don’t know what these celebrations are, don’t miss this post: Las Posadas, popular festivals held in various parts of Latin America. From 16 to 24 December, Las Posadas are celebrated...

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