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17 October, 2017

Test your knowledge about Mexico: five interesting facts that you might not know

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Mexico is one of our most important destinations, but probably also for you. Its crystalline waters, its climate, its people, its history… there are various reasons for wanting to visit the Aztec country. But there are many things you probably don’t know about this marvellous country, so we’re going tell you some interesting facts about Mexico. The beauty of the...

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4 January, 2017

Still don’t know what Mexico’s Posadas are?

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At RIU, we love celebrations, but what we really like is for you to be there. Today we’re going to tell you about the famous Mexico’s Posadas. If you still don’t know what these celebrations are, don’t miss this post: Las Posadas, popular festivals held in various parts of Latin America. From 16 to 24 December, Las Posadas are celebrated...

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14 October, 2016

Discover the magic of the Hotel Riu Palace Pacifico

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Thinking about your next holiday? At RIU we have some very clear ideas about this and we want to propose a hotel located in an unbeatable destination, a place that’s going to fascinate you with its nature, scenery and people. Don’t think twice, plan a few days of relaxation at the Hotel Riu Palace Pacifico. As we were saying, its...

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