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31 October, 2017

The Riu Palace Paradise Island has reopened its doors and is all ready for you!

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You were waiting for it and now it’s a reality: the Riu Palace Paradise Island, in the Bahamas, has reopened its doors. Last Friday, on 27 October, after three months of intense work, the renovation of this paradisiacal hotel with exclusive RIU 24-hour All-Inclusive service was completed. And now, with the renovation, it has become an Adults-Only hotel where you...

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11 August, 2017

Two and a half months to the reopening of the Riu Palace Paradise Island

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Two and a half months. That’s how long until the Hotel Riu Palace Paradise Island opens its doors once more. The renovation begun last month will bring new features you’re sure to love. The most significant change is that after its reopening (scheduled for late October), it will be an Adults-Only hotel. With this change, the Riu Palace Paradise Island...

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28 June, 2016

Riu Palace, you’ve got to experience it

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Today we want to tell you a little bit more about our Riu Palace line. This is an exclusive collection of the most sophisticated RIU hotels, where you’ll find excellent and much more personal service. Our guests really feel like royalty in them. These hotels are right on the beach. Each and every one has a location that can only be...

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7 June, 2016

Tropical conch salad: a typical delicacy of the Bahamas

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Today we show you how to make a delicious tropical conch salad using the recipe of the chef of the Riu Palace Paradise Island hotel. Bahamian cuisine is simply delicious. And the thing is, they know how to prepare exquisite dishes without spending all afternoon cooking. Today’s recipe is proof of that. Seafood and tropical fruits are the stars in...

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26 February, 2016

The Bahamas, a real paradise

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We’re going to tell you some curious things about this exotic place: The Bahamas is a country comprising 700 islands, although just 24 of them are inhabited. Back in the day, the islands were a refuge for pirates, and the famous pirate Blackbeard used the capital as his base of operations. The Bahamas was also a territory where the slave...

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