The experience of surfing and kite surfing in Mauritius told by professionals

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If you love water sports and are looking for a destination to enjoy your favourite hobbies, this post may interest you. Mauritius has become one of the preferred destinations for surfers and kitesurfers around the world. At RIU we want to tell you about two of these sports professionals’ experience staying at some of our hotels.

Airton Cozzolino

Airton Cozzolino, from Cape Verde, and Sebastian Ribeiro, from Brazil, have stayed with us and have been delighted to spend some intense, sports days with us in Mauritius. Both of them feel an amazing vocation for surfing and started out at a very young age. Airton was even pronounced world champion in this sport.

Sebastian Ribeiro

-Had you been to Mauritius before?

Airton: Yes, four times and I love it.

Sebastián: Yes, I have been twice. What i like in MRU is the friendly people and the fact that you can drive above the coast looking for new spots to ride.

-What do you like the most about Mauritius?

A: The Waves, the Food, and the great people.

S: Water sports, kite and surf all day. The Nature is another thing really interesting in this island.

-What did you enjoy the most in this trip? What about the RIU hotel?

A: The Water sports. The RIU is amazing, one of my favorite hotels.

S: Water sports, kite and surf all day. The Nature is another thing really interesting in this island.

What are the best things that you have found in the hotel?

A: The food, staff, rooms are really comfortable and the amazing location.

S: As we know im athlete and travel 2/3 of the year and RIU Hotel is one of those place that I feel at home.

Airton Cozzolino

-Any recommendation for next guests? any surfing tips for them?

A: Book RIU hotels they are near the best spot on the island. Have fun and enjoy your stay.

S: Enjoy your trip, go around, explore, respect the island and take care with the reef, it is shallow!

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